Newly launched DrivePower app is rewarding drivers in India for their good driving behavior, under the trial period offer

DrivePower is the newly launched app by Raxel Telematics on Google Play and App Store that rewards the Indian drivers based on their good driving behavior. The users can earn rewards for filling out quick surveys about their vehicle and up to 2000 users can get rewards in this limited trial period. The drivers can get paid directly through the app to their bank account. The app is developed with an aim to encourage good driving behavior in India and reduce the incidents of fatalities and accidents on the roads.

Within a short period of its launch, the app has received over thousand downloads with many good reviews from the users, one of whom says, “Very useful App in daily life those who have a vehicle. A must download this app!”, while another one mentions, “Awesome application to improve driving. Interesting concept”. DrivePower is one of its kind apps to track driving and making it more fuel efficient and safe. This app can help the user to track all their driving activities to get a complete picture of where they need to improve their driving to save on fuel costs and reduce vehicle emissions.

DrivePower app will allow the users to make simple changes to their driving style for reducing overall fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Using this app, the user can track their harsh braking, acceleration and other aspects of driving to make the necessary changes in their driving style for preventing wear and tear to their vehicle. The app also enables the users to connect with their friends and family to share stats and compete on the leaderboard.

DrivePower app has a user-friendly interface with a variety features that help the user in tracking and improving their driving. On the app’s Dashboard, the user can check their score on various driving elements like speeding, Mileage etc. and the chances of getting involved in an accident based on their driving. Right below that, the user can check their eco-driving score and know the factors where they can make improvements for efficient driving.

The drivers can take various challenges within the app and earn rewards by completing them successfully. By filling out the surveys featured in the app, the user can earn money and get it transferred directly into their bank account. On the leaderboard, the drivers can check out their rank and where they stand among other drivers in terms of good driving behavior.

DrivePower app is available for free download from Google Play and App Store.

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