Uncover the Beautiful at Canada Medlaser Clinics in 2018

Canada Medlaser Clinics, a non-invasive alternative for fat removal

Recently, Canada Medlaser Clinics announced that it is incorporating CoolSculpting into their practice. This FDA-cleared method of treating fat cells can help reduce the number of fat cells and give clients a more toned appearance on areas of the body that may be resistant to traditional methods of diet and exercise.

Introduction of the CoolSculpting Procedure

CoolSculpting, a non-invasive, non-surgical method for targeting fat cells differs from other fat reduction methods because it can pinpoint exact areas, does not affect surrounding cells and can be done without cutting the skin. Based on cryoliplysis, the science of how fat cells react to freezing temperatures, CoolSculpting uses low temperatures to kill targeted fat cells to achieve a more sculpted appearance.

Unlike other methods, CoolSculpting kills fat cells instead of merely shrinking them. When fat cells are eliminated this way, there are typically more sculpted results than with other methods and, since the cells are not there to regain weight, the results are often able to be maintained for longer.

Cosmetic Facial Treatment

With the advent of a specialized, flat applicator, CoolSculpting can now be used to treat excess fat under the chin and around the neck. While CoolSculpting has limited toning and wrinkle-reduction applications, many patients are candidates for fat removal in these facial areas. However, if there is a great deal of sagging skin or wrinkles, other methods may be necessary.

Alternatively, Canada Medlaser Clinics also offers the chemical injection of Botox in three different forms: Botox Cosmetic, Disport and Xeomin. By injecting a temporary bacterial protein, Botox is the preferred method for wrinkle reduction in places like the neck, around the eyes and forehead.

The New Chemical Peel

Chemical peels from Canada Medlaser Clinics are helping patients target complexion issues such as acne and rough patches.  The chemical peels offered at the clinic are also able to help the skin of hands and neck which commonly show signs of aging. Please note, while a chemical peel is a quick procedure that will give results in one session, skin will experience increased sensitivity to sunlight and extra care will be needed to protect the skin from UV rays.

Canada Medlaser Clinics offers a variety of effective cosmetic procedures to suit the needs of its clients. The company serves its growing customer base with seven conveniently located clinics in and around Toronto.

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