iMortuary Offers Funeral-Planning Services to Make a Trying Time Easier in Washington and Oregon

iMortuary provides access to funeral-planning assistance and services to ease emotional and financial burdens on family members in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and in Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane, Washington.

When a loved one passes, not only is it an emotionally stressful time, but it also comes with host of duties and tasks and a long series of events to plan. Family members can now be connected with needed services by scheduling a free consultation. And the funeral-service providers in iMortuary’s directory include the finest funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums in the service areas.

The grieving process must run its natural course, but that can’t happen when the deceased’s family members are overwhelmed with worry over arrangements to be made and, especially, anxiety about financial burdens. iMortuary makes sure that their providers abide by the Funeral Rule – a federal law which mandates that funeral home directors be honest and transparent, as well as accommodating. This law, which iMortuary upholds, aims to protect vulnerable people against the risk of fraud.

Most major events in life – weddings, graduation, retirement – are planned ahead of time, and so people are well prepared to deal with the inevitable stress. iMortuary can connect people with the qualified personnel to thoroughly pre-plan funerals. The advantages of pre-planning include fewer questions and more answers, less stress, and decreased financial burden.

For anyone looking to begin the process of funeral planning in Portland, Eugene, Seattle, Tacoma, or Spokane, iMortuary offers an extensive online database to make the whole process much easier and smoother. Once a venue in the city of choice has been selected, people pre-planning will be redirected to the funeral home’s website where contact information is available.

Through years of experience, careful observation, and insightful analysis, iMorturay’s funeral directors have compiled a four-step plan for helping family members during the process of planning a funeral. These four steps are as follows:

1) carefully considering with the heart the overall message and tone the funeral should convey,

2) deciding early on the budgetary constraints and ceremonial preferences for the funeral,

3) carefully analyzing all funeral home options and then compiling a short list, and

4) contacting the selected funeral home to work out all the details.

This is a sound plan and a good way to proceed, but it still entails a lot of physical and mental effort for people who are already emotionally overwrought. iMortuary has already pre-vetted and pre-selected all the funeral-planning and funeral-service providers – funeral directors, funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums – to relieve family members of a great deal of this burden.

Death is often unexpected and never pleasant to think about, but it is inevitable. But now iMortuary offers a service to help lessen the emotional toll and make everything more manageable and (often) less financially burdensome. iMortuary can even direct family members to funeral-planning guides that will walk them through the essentials of arranging a funeral, as well as providing on their website a frequently updated blog with helpful tips and suggestions.

Whether Washington or Oregon, the iMortuary Funeral Home Directory can connect grieving family members with the necessary funeral-planning and funeral services to make a very trying time much easier to navigate.

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