Unleash the full sound potential of media devices, Plaay – 2.0CH BLUETOOTH SOUNDBAR

Plaay-Tech Introduces Plaay Soundbar, the Digital Sound System For Enjoying TV Sound and Music Better

Plaay announces the introduction of Plaay Soundbar that gives a detailed and spacious sound.

Plaay, the brand name synonymous with premium quality and innovative products, has announced the introduction of Plaay Soundbar, the hi-tech Bluetooth compatible digital sound system that offers a detailed and spacious sound that most televisions will not be able to match. It comes with Plaay DSP sound processing, designed to create an enveloping sound that cannot be generated from a single speaker cabinet.

“We are delighted to announce the introduction of Plaay Sound, the incredible digital sound system that can change the way you listen to music,” says the spokesperson for Plaay. “It comes with four-powered drive units and a 40W amplifier that gives a whole new dimension and meaning to digital sound. You can enjoy truly quality music without having to suffer any distortion or harshness that most TV speakers generally emit.”

The 2.0CH Bluetooth Soundbar (MW-1680) offers the convenience of Bluetooth music streaming. This feature can be used for streaming music from any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth-equipped desktop or laptop. Users can also access their favorite music from their music library or from Spotify or any other similar music streaming services. It offers them the convenience of enjoying music using the wireless Bluetooth format.

The powerful and sophisticated music system comes with a USB port for MP3 playback connection. Other key specifications of the Plaay Soundbar are:

• Input: Optica/Coaxial/3.5mm Aux-In
• Output Power: 40w (20w X 2)
• Accessories: Remote Control, Optical Cable, and Mounting Kits

The size of the product is 892 mm length, 84 mm in width and 55 in circumference. The flexible design makes it easy for users to position the product the way they want conveniently.

As Plaay Soundbar has two digital (Optical/Coaxial) and a single 3.5 mm analogue input it can easily connect AV devices such as TV, games console and Blu-ray player. The system can be placed in any position without causing any obstruction as it is just 8 mm deep. More placement options can be explored by using the wall mount kit supplied with the product.

Plaay has another winner in its kitty in the form of its True Wireless Headphone. The earphones come with an intuitive, cord-free chargeable case that supports both mono and stereo systems. The portable device can be easily charged outdoors by using the extra power bank that delivers 12 hours of playback to a single EarBud.

Plaay Soundbar is currently being sold at $199.

For more information, visit www.Plaay-Tech.com.

About Plaay:

Plaay is one of the leading players in the sound devices niche. The company has introduced Plaay Soundbar, the advanced digital sound system that offers detailed and spacious sound that most TVs will not be able to match. Plaay Soundbar comes with a host of features and tools that can take music quality to a different level. The company is also known for its other hi-tech products such as True Wireless.

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