The Eminent Blow of the Fiscal Cliff Facing the American People Causes to Expand Operations into a New Market of Cash Flow Income Property

Matt Theriault, entrepreneur, author, real estate investor and host of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast on iTunes, has been teaching the value of cash flow and tax strategy for the past few years through his real estate investing podcast, website and latest venture His preferred investment vehicle should come of no surprise as it produces both manageable cash flow and significant tax benefits.Cash flow income property is that vehicle. Through most of 2012 with great success, Theriault and have used income properties in Memphis, TN to assist busy professionals with building cash flowing real estate portfolios for fiscal cliff preparation, financial independence, and the realistic possibility of an early retirement. In the interest of creating diversification, seizing opportunity, and implementing fiscal safeguards, beginning January 1, 2013 a new market of cash flow income properties in Columbus, OH will be presented to Cashflow Savvy’s existing and future clients.

After achieving a long-time goal of creating enough passive income to exceed his everyday expenses, Theriault took what he thought was the next logical step in life and began to teach people how he did it. His teaching platform manifested as the fastest growing real estate investing podcast on iTunes and a successful online membership investing academy. “Given the enormous amount of money spent each year on real estate investing education, it’s evident that there is a serious demand to learn how to invest in real estate,” says Matt. “Equally evident is the poor quality of education available when you take into account the poor success rate of the vast majority of students,” he continues.

Theriault is determined to change his industry so that students walk away from their educational experience with good results and a viable skill as opposed to only a lighter wallet. He recognizes there are many factors that contribute to students’ inability to succeed, but nothing stops more students from reaching their investing dreams than the lack of time. “I can’t solve every person’s problem, but for the one’s that lack the time to invest in real estate… I can simply do it for them,” Theriault said. Matt goes on to say, “That’s how Cashflow Savvy was formed. I thought I can either teach you how to invest in real estate or I can do it for you. I gave my clients the option and let them choose. Either way was 100% okay with me.”

Providing that option to his clients resulted in a stellar year for Theriault and Cashflow Savvy. On average, a Cashflow Savvy client receives a 14% cash-on-cash return with no debt on their income properties.

“I chose Memphis first for the awesome team I have there that manages my own portfolio, and second for the awesome returns the market provides. It’s proven to be a great decision to establish my operation in Memphis, and now I’m ready to expand. I’ve recently assembled a great team in Columbus, OH as it provides similar, if not slightly better, returns than Memphis,” says Theriault. “I love both markets, and there’s nothing wrong with diversifying. I’m very excited and confident about my own portfolio existing in these two markets, and I get great satisfaction helping others build theirs here, too,” he explains.

There’s very little the American people can do about the fiscal cliff. Both political parties acknowledge that it’s coming, and it will be an uncomfortable situation for many people. Cash flow income property will be the path many choose to alleviate some of that discomfort as it produces a residual income while minimizing the toll taxes can take on one’s bottom line.

People concerned about their financial future can learn more about Matt Theriault, his real estate investing education and fiscal cliff solutions at, or call his Los Angeles office directly at (213) 587-0084.

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