BOC Sciences Newly Diversifies Its ADCs Linker Categories

BOC Sciences marketed another hundreds of ADCs linkers, adding to its already existing ADC category.

On May 29, 2018, BOC Sciences, one of the industry-leading chemical suppliers, marketed another hundreds of ADCs linkers, adding to its already existing ADC category. This move definitely diversifies its products for options and is expected to facilitate researchers’ work in drug discovery and drug design both academically and industrially. Up till now, there are more than 1,350 linker molecules ready for use.

Liker, together with an antibody and a biologically active cytotoxic payload or drug, forms an antibody drug conjugate (ADC), which in recent years has become a very effective targeted therapy to treat cancer and other diseases. “As compared to chemotherapy and radiotherapy that are traditionally used across the medical world, ADC is famous for its improved efficacy without compromising safety. An ADC is capable of preferentially delivering the cytotoxic payload to tumor cells expressing the target antigen instead of to healthy tissues, thus saving the healthy cells from unnecessary harms,” says Mr. Barron Jones, the Marketing Executive of BOC Sciences.

“The linker that connects the cytotoxic drug to the mAb plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficacy and safety of an ADC. Ideally, a linker should be stable in circulation and only facilitate efficient drug release upon internalization,” adds Mr. Barron Jones. Whether linkers can effectively balance all these attributes is a determining factor for ADCs to enter the clinic. As a matter of fact, some earlier ADCs such as BR96-DOX and Mylotarg@ were withdrawn from the market due to poor stability of linkers. Considering this, stability of the linker is one of the major challenges that successful ADCs should deal with.

Currently a wide range of bulk and speciality ADCs linkers are available at BOC Sciences hopefully to facilitate the drug development efforts in the pharmaceutical, argochemical and biotechnology industries.

Advance of antibody drug Conjugates

In early stages of ADCs, it is a common practice to use clinically approved chemotherapeutic drugs considering many of their advantages such as ready availability, well-known toxicological properties, and amenability to chemical manipulation. However, limitations still exist, which encourages extra tons of efforts, striving for new breakthroughs. Luckily, a major advance has been achieved in ADC technology when another group of highly potent drugs such as maytansinoids, calicheamicins, and CC1065 analogs are discovered and utilized.

About BOC Sciences

In the last two decades and more, BOC Sciences has established itself as a trust-worthy supplier for a wide collection of chemicals ranging from inhibitors, metabolites to APIs, impurities. Staffed with leading experts in small molecular and antibody engineering, BOC Sciences also dedicates to offering comprehensive services regarding the conjugating and characterizing of antibody drug conjugates.

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