CollegeDaily, the leading international education media with over 5 million subscribers, is attending NASFA

This year, NASFA welcomes a new exhibitor, CollegeDaily, the leading international education media in China.


CollegeDaily, which was founded by Timothy Lin in the library of his university in 2014. Now it has become an international education media company that covers the widest range of Chinese readers. Once studied abroad, Timothy Lin has also received inaccurate news and information which cause lots of problems for his study abroad life. Therefore, he founded the company that mainly covers international education news to serve the Chinese students and parents.



CollegeDaily’s main website:


CollegeDaily attracted a lot of attention from the universities attending the NASFA. The company has wide audience in China and it also helps foreign universities to promote themselves in China.


Each summer, College Daily also holds CollegeFair (an international education Expo), which attracts thousands of people and hundreds of universities to attend the educational event. This year, CollegeFair will tour in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou,which are the four cities that have the largest number of students to study abroad.


the CollegeFair, organized by CollegeDaily in Beijing 2017


According to the data provided by Open Door, more than 500 thousand Chinses students went to study in the foreign countries last year. The majority of them choose the U.S., Canada, and Britain. Almost all of the students are subscribers of CollegeDaily. The information that CollegeDaily provided to them has a great influence on them when they are choosing schools.


WeChat_1527733972.jpegCollegeDaily’s booth at NASFA Expo

In the NASFA, many representatives from the foreign universities came to CollegeDaily to ask about their promotion service to the Chinese students and parents. They think it is a perfect chance to promote themselves in China.


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