Dale L. Pitts: Former Educator Released Two Thrilling Novels and Now Available on Amazon

Seguin, TX – May 31, 2018 – Dale L. Pitts, a renowned teacher, principal and school superintendent from the State of Texas, just wrote two books entitled “Dark, Cold, and Lonely” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. The novels are available on Amazon.com

Book1: ISBN: 9781948962476


Book2: 9781948262583


“Dark, Cold, and Lonely” is about the mother of Bo Clowney, a Deputy Sheriff of Nacogdoches County, Texas who vanished without a trace when the law enforcer was only five years old. The primary suspect was Bo’s father named Pete. 12 more young women will disappear over the next 20 years. One of them is Bo’s high school sweetheart, and another is the daughter of his very close friend.

The disappearance of these females baffled law enforcement authorities in and around that county including the FBI. There was no success in the search they conducted. Now, the new deputy sheriff is faced with the difficult task of finding out what happened to these ill-fated girls. He was not able to get a lead until Bo got acquainted with a beautiful teacher, Tinker Belle Blue who unintentionally gave the deputy sheriff a clue. This may be the missing piece to the resolution of the case.

Meanwhile, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is the story of Jon Paul Gordon, whose wife died in a car accident. He could not get over the incident while living in their dream abode. She was Jon’s love, and now she is gone. He moves to Appleby, a small and isolated town in Western Texas and becomes an alcoholic to ease the pain of losing his wife.

Jon’s sole friend and companion was Homer, a strange-looking dog. Through his pet, Jon meets Doctor Nancy Reyna, the local veterinarian whose husband also died in a mishap several years ago. On one occasion the widower was drunk and met odd friends, and bizarre things began to occur. Animals started to disappear. Human beings may come next. How will the three protagonists cope with these unexplainable events?

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Author Biography:

Dale L. Pitts was a professional mentor for more than four decades in Texas. He was a high school biology teacher, principal, coach, and Superintendent of schools. Dale was also a professor at four different universities. He served as Assistant Director of Athletics at Texas Christian University.

At one point, the teacher worked as Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Texas Lutheran University, master’s Degree from three different universities, and a doctorate from the University of Houston. Dr. Pitts received several awards for outstanding leadership in education. Dale lived and worked in all areas of Texas with many experiences encouraged him to write fiction. He resides near San Antonio in Texas.

Favorite quote: “Aint never been a horse that couldn’t be rode. Aint never been a cowboy who couldn’t be throwed.”

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