Creative Peptides Introduced Neoantigen Peptides Vaccine for Immunotherapy & Cell Therapy Research

Creative Peptides announced to introduce neoantigen peptides vaccine for researchers in both academic and industrial community on May 29, 2018.

As one of the leading peptide manufacturers, Creative Peptides announced to introduce neoantigen peptides vaccine for researchers in both academic and industrial community on May 29, 2018. Together with its already wide-ranged peptide offerings spanning cosmetic peptides, peptide nucleic acid, antimicrobial peptides and glucagon like peptides, this move is expected to facilitate relevant researches on immunotherapy as well as cell therapy against cancer.

Due to limitations of traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which have been practiced for the last few decades, new treatments are being explored by scientists both at home and abroad. Among them, immunotherapy and cell therapy have gained unprecedented focus.

“More and more clinical data show that immunotherapy and cell therapy might be very promising cure for cancer,” says Dr. Robert Martinez, Head of Creative Peptides’ synthesis businesses. “Immune cells are discovered to be effective in regulating tumor progression. This gives a hint that cancer might be treated by stimulating immune reactions towards tumors. Currently, there are many types of immunotherapies, and the most popular three methods being researched are: PD-1/PDL-1 Inhibitors, CAR T Cells therapy and neoantigen vaccine.”

Neoantigens do not exist in normal tissues; instead, they are a class of HLA-bound peptides arising from tumor-specific mutations. “Neoantigens are highly immunogenic and can serve as biomarkers in the differentiation between cancer cells and normal cells. Considering that neoantigen peptides are patient specific, personalized vaccine are developed by scientists with the hope of more specifically and effectively targeting cancer cells. Individualized therapy has thus been achieved,” further explained by Dr. Robert Martinez.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that producing vaccines containing multiple individual-specific neoantigens can minimize the chance of tumor escape by loss of antigen.

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