Wound Care Market is projected to be US$ 30 Billion by 2024

“Wound care market is expected to be an US$ 30 Billion opportunity by 2024.”
Renub Research study titled “Wound Care Market, Global Forecast by Products (Traditional Adhesive Dressings, Gauze, Non-Adherent, Film, Foam, Hydrogel, Hydrocolloid, Alginate, Antimicrobial, Growth Factors) Wound Type (Surgical & Trauma, Burns, Skin Ulcer) Application (Wound Closure, Miscellaneous Wound Management, Moist Dressings, etc) Regions (United States, Asia pacific, Europe, RoW) & Companies” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high-growth global wound care Market.

Wound care market is projected to be US$ 30 Billion by the end of year 2024. Wound infection is the most important safety apprehension for person, who is being treated and healthcare practitioners worldwide. Global wound care market has observed several technological improvements and came out as a standard answer to treat acute and chronic wounds. The treatment in wound care involves involvement therapies and use of medical products like Traditional Adhesive Dressings, Film Dressings, Traditional Gauze Dressings, Hydrocolloid, Foam Dressings, Non-Adherent Dressings, Alginate Dressings, Hydrogel, Antimicrobial Dressings, Growth Factors and Others. Wound care treatment helps in to advance the well-being of patients affected from the disorders pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, burn injuries, surgical & trauma, external injuries etc. Skin Ulcer and Surgical & Trauma together controls the market share in global wound care market. Burn injuries also has double digit market share. The wounds that do not heal affect the quality of life severely and increase the complications.  


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Regional Insights on Global Wound Care Market

United States will lead the market share for global wound care market due to huge patient population for wounds and rapid emergence of new products but Asia Pacific will control the market share in future. As per United States National Center for Health Statistics, more than USD 13 Billion was spent on pressure ulcer management for the year 2015 in United States. Global wound care market is a highly fragmented industry with no company having a double digit market share. Acelity, Mölnlycke Healthcare and Smith & Nephew are the top three dominating companies.






Applications in Global Wound Care Market

Wound Closer has highest market share in global wound care market, but they are losing their market share year on year. Other than wound closer report also talks about 5 other wound care applications market such as Miscellaneous Wound Management, Moist Dressings, Bio-engineered Skin & Skin Substitutes, Pressure Relief and Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT).


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Companies launching new products in Global Would Care Market

a) Dermapace System has launched the shock wave device which can be used for the treatment of chronic, full-thickness diabetic foot ulcers. This device uses energy pulses to automatically stimulate the wound.

b) Wexner Medical Center researchers of Ohio State University have made electrically charged bandages that will fight antibiotic resistance, and will provide quicker healing in burn wounds.

c) AutoDepth technology a mobile app has been launched by Swift Medical a wound care company based in Toronto Canada. The purpose of this app is that it can measure the death of wound just by waving the app over the wound.

d) Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine researchers are looking for a FDA approval for a topical gel. This topical gel is made from oral blood pressure pills, which has shown results in quicker healing of wounds in mice and pigs.

e) Avita Medical and INDEE Medical have signed a distribution agreement in January 2016 for the distribution of its ReCell device in Japan.



Key Topics Covered 


1.    Executive Summary


2.    Global Wound Care Market


3.    Market Share Analysis – Global Wound Care (2012 – 2024)

3.1    By Products

3.2    By Application

3.3    By Wound Type

3.4    By Region

3.5    Company Share


4.    By Products – Global Wound Care Market (2012 – 2024)

4.1    Traditional Adhesive Dressings

4.2    Traditional Gauze Dressings

4.3    Non-Adherent Dressings

4.4    Film Dressings

4.5    Foam Dressings

4.6    Hydrogel

4.7    Hydrocolloid

4.8    Alginate Dressings

4.9    Antimicrobial Dressings

4.10    Growth Factors

4.11    Others


5.    By Application – Global Wound Care Market

5.1    Wound Closure

5.2    Miscellaneous Wound Management

5.3    Moist Dressings

5.4    Bio-engineered Skin & Skin Substitutes

5.5    Pressure Relief

5.6    Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

5.7    Others


6.    By Wound Type – Global Wound Care Market

6.1    Surgical & Trauma

6.2    Burns

6.3    Skin Ulcer

6.4    Others


7.    By Region – Global Wound Care Market

7.1    Asia Pacific

7.2    Europe

7.3    United States

7.4    Rest of the World (ROW)


8.    Mölnlycke Healthcare – Company profile

8.1    Company Overview

8.2    Business Strategy

8.3    Wound Care Sales


9.    Acelity L.P. Inc. – Company Profile

9.1    Company Overview

9.2    Business Strategy

9.3    Wound Care Sales


10.    Smith & Nephew – Company Analysis

10.1    Company Overview

10.2    Business Strategy

10.3    Wound Care Sales


11.    ConvaTec Group – Company Profile

11.1    Company Overview

11.2    Business Strategy

11.3    Wound Care Sales


12.    Ethicon Inc. – Company Analysis

12.1    Company Overview

12.2    Business Strategy

12.3    Wound Care Sales


13.    Coloplast Corp. – Company Analysis

13.1    Company Overview

13.2    Business Strategy

13.3    Wound Care Sales


14.    Derma Sciences, Inc – Company Analysis

14.1    Company Overview

14.2    Wound Care Sales


15.    Scapa Healthcare – Company Analysis

15.1    Company Overview

15.2    Business Strategy

15.3    Wound Care Sales


16.    Growth Drivers (Due to data confidentiality, growth drivers have not been disclosed in this table of contents)

16.1    Point 1

16.2    Point 2

16.3    Point 3


17.    Challenges (Due to data confidentiality, challenges have not been disclosed in this table of contents)

17.1    Point 1

17.2    Point 2

17.3    Point 3



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