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Fatty Liver Disease affects 80 million people living and working in the USA. With the obesity rate continuing to grow, and with more people not aware of how to void fatty liver disease, health experts predict the number of Americans who suffer from this deadly disease could increase to over 100 million in less than ten years.

Liver Medic, a leading liver health expert, and supplier of Liver Health products has launched a campaign to make people aware of how serious Fatty Liver Disease is and the four ways to avoid the disease that affects more than 80 million Americans.

Fatty Liver Disease has become the leading cause for liver transplants in America and around the world including the UK. In recent years, the number of people who suffer from the serious disease in America has risen to 80 million. According to health experts and Liver Medic (, unless people change their lifestyle and look after their liver that figure will increase to more than 100 million within ten years.

People are more at risk of fatty liver disease if they are:


Have type 2 diabetes

Have high blood pressure

Have High Cholesterol

Are over the age of 50

If they smoke

Liver Medic who provides quality health products and advice has put together four tips on how to avoid Fatty Liver and lead a healthy lifestyle.

1.    Lose weight. By reducing your weight, you could reduce the chances of suffering from the fatty liver disease. However this should be done in combination with premium supplementation – as toxin build-up is typically a driver for weight gain. Calorie restrictive diets alone will not solve this.

2.    Exercise. People who exercise are less likely to suffer from a fatty liver disease. It is important to undertake at least two hours of exercise per week

3.    Stop Smoking. Smoking has become one of the biggest health problems around the world. By stop smoking, it can help people become healthier and can reduce the chances of suffering from the fatty liver disease.

4.    Take liver health products. These products can help to produce a healthy liver and reduce the chances of suffering from the fatty liver disease.

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At Liver Medic, they believe liver health is at the core of overall well-being and improves the quality of people’s lives. Many common health problems are easily avoided with natural liver supplements. Detoxifying and regenerating damaged liver tissue leads many away from more dangerous medical alternatives. Educating people about healthier natural solutions is one of our main goals.

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