Minnesota Bodybuilding Competition Raises the Bar on Excellence

2016 Minnesota Mayhem Pro Men’s Bodybuilding (Top 5)
Minnesota Mayhem Natural Bodybuilding Championships announces their 4th annual Natural Bodybuilding competition, October 12-13th in Duluth, MN.

By Zoey Thompson

Duluth, MN – Minnesota Mayhem Natural Bodybuilding Championships has raised the bar for Natural Bodybuilding competitions in recent years. Their popular competition is known for putting athletes first and developing a crowd-focused experience that fills the seats. The organization believes that the future of Natural Bodybuilding is in providing an enjoyable experience for everyone and that means putting passion over profit. The organization is announcing that they have expanded their competition to a two-day experience that will be held October 12th and 13th in Duluth.

“In recent years, the sport of Natural Bodybuilding as a whole has really struggled and far too many corners were starting to be cut at the expense of the athlete and fan experience,” says Leif Anderson, Promoter of Minnesota Mayhem and Supporter of the Natty Revolution. “I’ve noticed at many other events not only are fewer and fewer people showing up to compete but once there you just hear crickets from in the audience due to lack of spectators. We wanted to change that energy and amplify the excitement of our competitions and it shows. Our competitions are a favorite of athletes and fans alike.”

Since its inception back in the fall of 2015, the Natty Revolution movement has very quickly become well-known in the bodybuilding community for being able to produce unparalleled, high-octane events. They wholeheartedly believe that if athletes are going to put months of work into preparing for a few minutes in the spotlight, they intend to make those minutes matter.  It’s the impeccable attention to detail at their events along with the selection of world-class venues, media exposure, top notch photography/videography teams, and the best competitor bags in the country that have athletes signing up way in advance for their competitions.

“Our [2018] Minnesota Mayhem is offering categories for Professional Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini competitors as well as all amateur classes,” says Anderson. “Because we have made a name in the industry we have had to cap some of our previous competitions. Our first event for example was capped at 150 athletes which we hit well in advance prior to the show—that’s just unheard of in our field. Although our competitions are highly competitive (some of the most competitive in the country) we want to ensure that every single individual who graces our stage receives the time and attention he or she deserves as opposed to being treated like cattle herded on and quickly off stage which you see at many other competitions.”

Anderson states that there are no membership fees required for athletes to participate in this event and that the top three Pros in each division will qualify to compete at the Natural Olympia in Vegas later in the year. For more information on the Minnesota Mayhem Natural Bodybuilding Champions as well as any of the other Natty Revolution events please visit their website nattyrevolution.com.

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