Home Detox NY offers Drug & Alcohol Detox in NYC

New York, NY Home Detox NY offers at-home detoxification to individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Home Detox NY performs both alcohol and drug detox (i.e. opioids like oxycodone or heroin and benzodiazepines such as Xanax) in the comfort of home. Dr. David Seitz, our triple Board Certified Medical Director works with his patients to develop a personalized treatment approach that begins with detoxification.

“Entering a traditional detox/rehab program is daunting, expensive, and requires putting your work and family responsibilities on hold for an extended time. Now there’s another option. Rather than leaving home to detox in a sterile medical environment, our physician comes to you. You remain at home while receiving the medications that will allow you to detox from alcohol, opioids, or other physically addictive substances safely and effectively,” according to Home Detox NY’s website.

An important advantage of this approach (as compared to treatment in more public settings), is that an individual’s reputation is protected.  Treatment is conducted with dignity and discretion. In fact, the physician who visits an individual’s home comes in plain clothes (not a white coat) to maintain privacy.

Dr. Seitz promises to provide the assistance needed for individuals who suffer from addiction to detox safely and comfortably. He also helps individuals suffering from chronic pain and other medical conditions that often lead to addiction.  All medical and/or psychiatric conditions (such as depression or anxiety) are taken into consideration to create an individualized treatment approach that addresses the specific needs and desires of the patient, resulting in improved chances of achieving both long-term sobriety and happiness.

Dr. Seitz employs a hands-on approach in treating his patients, monitoring their progress, and conducting medication adjustments when necessary. Home Detox NY has alcohol detox service in NYC, as well as a drug addiction detox program. After detox, he is happy to make referrals for rehab or outpatient treatment as well as to recovery coaches, therapists and counselors to help his patients maintain sobriety.  

Prior to his work with Home Detox NY, Dr. Seitz was the Medical Director of Inter-Care and The Nyack Hospital Recovery Center. He is triple Board Certified Addictions Specialist (ABAM, ABFM, and ABPM) as has worked as a physician for more than 20 years, helping individuals who are chemically dependent to break free of drug dependence and live a happy and healthy life.

Home Detox NY is located at 4 w 16th Street Suite 8B New York, NY 10011. Contact them via phone at (917) 909-2184, or via email at info@homedetoxny.com.  For additional information, visit their website at https://homedetoxny.com/.

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