A global social security system has been built, and it is becoming a huge hit across Europe and the U.S

SUM, a social security system based on blockchain technology, has attracted a lot of attention recently, especially for Europeans and Americans that attach great importance to privacy and personal information. SUM has become a hit on U.S and Canadian websites and forums, with hundreds of international media outlets reporting about it. As well as this, with the development of blockchain around the world, eyes are increasingly fixing their gaze on SUM.

Current social networks are centralized structures created by user content. Social networking sites set rules, store content, and distribute content. As a service provider, the social network has mastered using data generated by users, which breaches users’ personal privacy as well as their personal rights. Due to these reasons, the SUM social chain was created.

As a communication platform for decentralized peer-to-peer cryptographic transmissions, SUM completely excises the central server based on a distributed communication network, so that all communications conducted on SUM will adopt trusted peer-to-peer encryption standards. The ECC algorithm of elliptic curve encryption is used to create a secure and closed information transmission close loop through asymmetric encryption of information from the initial transmission to the storage of information.

As well as this, the high performance of ECC encryption algorithms will lead to more efficient information processing speed, comprehensively solving the transmission encryption security problems from the mobile end to the server end, and avoid the risk of information leakages and privacy theft from the source. After years of collaboration and integration, the SUM team has been able to do a good job in the field of instant messaging with efficient technology. SUM will build the SAC smart application public chain platform into one of the ecological entry points of SAC smart application chain, providing users with a safe, convenient and concise decentralized social platform.

In addition, SUM combines the broadcast function of the blockchain technology, carries a rich information platform, and provides access to all node users. Users can share and browse content on SUM, and enterprises can publish advertising information on the SUM platform. The generated data will be stored in the blockchain with original data form, and users can get a variety of rewards when participating in information transmissions.

SUM will create a “social network that does not monetize by harvesting user information,” where interactions between users, such as sending messages, posts, photos, and video, are peer-to-peer. Users can also publish paid content for personal benefit through the SUM chain. SUM chain is an incentive system that substitutes money.

Blockchain technology has given startups for social media a new hope. SUM provides a new development idea for peer-to-peer social networks, which guarantees the interests of users. SUM provides a new way of thinking about social networks based on peer-to-peer social networks, which is to protect the user’s interest, while having zero latency, is free for everyone, and is based upon the sharing concept. SUM connects global values within the same network, creating a global social platform that stands for freedom.

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