ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen – World’s Smallest Ultrasonic Washer

Have you ever seen a washing machine that can be put in your pocket, and it has embodied the application of ultrasonic technology?

Mankind has always been looking for the most convenient way of laundry. Recently, Indiegogo website is crowdfunding for a world’s smallest ultrasonic washing machine. Exactly speaking, it is a pen named ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen that can wash clothes. Its appearance has subverted the traditional way of washing


• The completion of the cleaning within tens of seconds

• Available for use at anywhere and anytime

• Ultrasonic cleaning technology

• Super water saving

• Ergonomic& simple design

This device allows you to easily deal with all kinds of stains at anytime, anywhere. For example, it can remove coffee, jams, salads, blood stains, lipsticks, etc.

What’s more, it has an amazingly fast speed to clean up. It only takes tens of seconds and the stains are washed away. The most magic thing is that it can also wash things like glasses, sports shoes, razors, etc. This product is perfect for those neat freaks.

ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen completely subverts the situation when you are still fighting with stains using hands or brushes.

The use of ultrasonic technology, according to statistics, can launch a large amount of energy in the water to quickly peel off the stain from the clothing fibers so as to achieve a deep cleaning effect.

According to the R&D team that has developed the product, the ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen is a super cleaning device aimed at local stains. It can do things that the traditional washing machine can’t deal with.

In addition, the R&D team adds that they are developing laundry equipment with higher efficiency so that humans can wash clothes without the use of water in the future. Please watch the video below for more information.

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This ViTUN Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen is undergoing crowdfunding at the Indiegogo. They reward the earliest supporters with a 63% discount ($99). Participants are limited. For details, please click below:

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