SmartMesh (SMT) Ranked Top-10 Blockchain Provider 2018 and Selected “Company of the Month”

Recently the next generation blockchain-based Mesh networking company SmartMesh (SMT) and international cryptocurrency exchange Huobi were both included in the “Top-10 Blockchain Provider 2018” list published by APAC CIO Outlook, a well-known Silicon Valley IT magazine.  SmartMesh also was selected as “Company of the Month” in April and its CEO and Founder Henry Wang appeared on the magazine’s cover.

APAC CIO Outlook provides a platform for CIOs, CTOs and other senior decision makers in the IT domain to share their experience, wisdom and advice.  Development trends and frontier technologies in enterprise applications, big data, mobile computing and security are also covered by the publication.

World Economic Forum Founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab considers blockchain to be the key technology behind the upcoming fourth industrial revolution in a series of world-changing transformations following ones previously led by water and steam power, electric power and electronics and information. Nevertheless, blockchain technology is still in its youth and it has not yet been integrated into our daily lives. In China, the most significant functional use cases for blockchain have laughingly been called “Token Speculation” and “Holdings Meetings”. Investors’ confidence have also been dealt a blow as recent policies have been deployed and carried out globally with the aim of containing fraudulent and speculative blockchain projects. But these were also necessary steps in developing a framework where the investment arena could be kept rational.

The Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference was held on April 17th, 2018. At the conference, SmartMesh performed a demo of its multi-hop Mesh network successfully being deployed without internet connections, and thereby also implementing the first instance of internet-free blockchain technology. The establishment of the Universal Connectivity and Consensus Organization (UCCO) was also a highlight of the conference. Members of UCCO including SmartMesh, RSK and MeshBox will make joint efforts to connect half the world’s population that still cannot access the internet. SmartMesh also announced their decision that they would release their SmartRaiden offline payment technology as open-source at the conference. Currently, Spectrum, the SmartMesh public chain, is already online and as the project rolls out, SmartRaiden, Spectrum and RSK sidechains will be integrated into MeshBox to operate as the cornerstone of the Internet of Value and Internet of Things.

Having been voted a “Top-10 Blockchain Solution Provider 2018” in a well-respected Silicon Valley publication makes it is obvious that SmartMesh is being recognized and established in its field. The SMT Token is also experiencing high volumes of trading as it gains in popularity. As a pioneer outfit, SmartMesh and other similar high-quality projects will enter a new development stage that draws stark contrasts with fraudulent and speculative projects based on smoke and mirrors that have no real technology behind them. It’s easy to see that SMT is a promising bet in the blockchain field and has enormous room for growth, expansion and success.



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