A Cold Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes Helps Bring Free Eye Care to Regions Lacking Medical Facilities

Eye care is one of the most essential services to ensure this most sensitive organ remains healthy and well functioning. Interviz, LLC is a new initiative to bring quality vision care to those parts of the world that lack access to good medical facilities, and has launched a new product, the MediViz Cold Eye Mask. The cold eye mask is useful for treating a wide variety of conditions such as puffy eyes, dark circles, headaches and migraines. Part of the proceeds from sale will go towards funding free eye clinics around the world.

Puffy eyes and dark circles are a common eye condition across the world. With the new Cold Eye Mask, no one needs to worry about uncomfortable eye conditions anymore, as the cold compress treatment is well known to bring instant relief to a wide range of symptoms, including irritation caused by allergens, migraines, allergic reactions and more.

The MediViz Cold Eye Mask is a proven medical treatment for puffy eyes, working as a gel mask or eye gel pad to relieve the symptoms, treat dark circles, and make the user look young, fresh and normal. The cold eye mask is also good for conjunctivitis related symptoms, sinus pressure and headaches, and can be used comfortably at home and other places.

Want to take a short, relaxing nap while giving eyes the requisite break from stress? The MediViz Cold Eye Mask can be worn for a comfortable experience to rejuvenate the eyes. The high quality workmanship and materials make the gel mask fit onto the face with no hassles.

This mask is just what the doctor ordered! I was in for my yearly eye check up and my optometrist noticed an increased puffiness around my eyes along with some inflammation from allergy season. I put it on for the recommended amount of time and had noticeable relief from my itchy eyes immediately,” said a recent user of MediViz Cold Eye Mask.

The cool eye mask is an innovation of a team of doctors who are on a mission to offer improved vision and eyesight to those who lack access to eye care. The MediViz Cold Eye Mask is now available from Amazon with 100% refund guarantee. Sales from SightPros products go towards funding free eye clinics and volunteer mission trips around the world to areas where eye or vision care is not available.

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