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“We are welcoming everyone to enjoy our wonderful Best spine surgeon in Delhi that including Spine Surgery, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Spine Tumors, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, and Cervical Spinal Disc Disease, Injections for Relief from Spinal Pain, Kyphoplasty, and Vertebroplasty, Slipped Disc, Spinal Cord Injury, Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery and Nerve Root Block / Pain Injections” Said the spokesperson of Dr. Rajat Mahajan, while talking about the company.

“According to the one of our experts ‘Best spine surgeon in Delhi’ our spine is a delicate body organ and performing surgery on it requires highly skilled hands. And therefore, they recommend surgery only after all possible conservative methods of treatment have failed to provide you relief from pain. Pinal Cord is the most crucial structure between our brain and body. This tube-like structure extends from medulla oblongata in the brainstem to the bottom of the spine” he added.

About Dr. Rajat Mahajan

Is a spine surgeon who has been trained in India and abroad at most renowned centers across the globe. He specializes in degenerative spine surgery, scoliosis spine surgery, and endoscopic discectomy. He is working as a consultant at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre. He is compassionate with his patients and has extensive experience in all kind of spine surgeries. His mantra is to give genuine and ethical advice to all his patients.

He did his graduation and post graduation from University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi. After completing his post graduation, he joined fellowship in spine surgery at Indian spinal injuries center for two years. Immediately after completing his fellowship he went to Seoul, South Korea for his deformity fellowship at Gangnam Severance Hospital. He had also visited Legnano Orthopaedic hospital, Italy, and Queens Centre Nottingham, the United Kingdom for his training in scoliosis surgery.

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