J. Gawlik Releases Her Book “New Beginnings” To Excellent Reviews

J. Gawlik has worked as a public school teacher for more than 25 years. She made use of her experiences to pen the realistic journey through life’s twists and turns; a story for the ages, ‘New Beginnings.’

Yakima, WA – May 31st, 2018 – J. Gawlik has recently released her book titled New Beginnings, which has opened to a favorable response. It is a captivating tale that revolves around the life of Emma Collins, a single parent in her forties. After several disastrous romantic relationships in the early years of her life, she has made up her mind to stay away from men. However, with her child now old enough to manage his own life, she wonders how it would feel to have a partner in life. The book is Emma’s journey through life’s trials, twists and turns.

The author was quoted as saying, “I hope that this is a story that people can relate to. There are so many of us who are on our own, often not as a result of what we had planned for our own lives. Being alone doesn’t always mean being lonely, however, the heart often seeks a companion. This book is a journey exploring precisely that.”

No doubt, J. Gawlik hopes that this story will resonate with others. Sharing our struggles and triumphs with each other helps us feel a part of something bigger, as humans, we are not alone.

This book keep readers hooked, as one wonders if Emma will again fall into the same trap of choosing the wrong guy or will she finally find a true companion and true love.

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About J. Gawlik

J. Gawlik lives in Washington, and she loves travelling. She also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education and has worked as a public school teacher for more than 25 years. Her desire to pen the best stories led her to become an author.

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