Ancient ‘Feel Good Knees’ Recovery Ritual Treats Knee and Joint Pain in Just Five Minutes

May 31, 2018 – Knee pain is curable, and without pills, surgeries or anti-pain drugs. A thousand-year-old ‘recovery’ ritual has thankfully been preserved with the power to heal knees in just five minutes. The ‘Feel Good Knees’ product launched by qualified health expert Todd Kuslikis (Koosh- Lick-iss) is the answer to the growing prevalence of knee pain.

Growing over 45 brings along its good experiences, and knee pain. The CDC recently shocked the medical industry with a 70-page report that revealed that joint pain and arthritis were one of the top chronic conditions leading to death and disability. Unfortunately, the organized medical industry has fallen victim to persuasion by big pharmaceuticals, who only see profits in NSAIDs, pain killers and other drugs. Knee joint pain alone costs $27 billion each year, when just a few simple exercises can get to the root of the problems.

Knee pain can be tackled by addressing three root causes of cellular inflammation, postural mis-alignment and cartilage deterioration. The new ‘Feel Good Knees’ five minute exercise has been shown to decrease knee pain by 58% with easy to do exercises.

Over 15 years of studying Eastern and Western medicine gave me the tools to help thousands of people overcome some of the most common ailments people are facing today,” says Todd Kuslikis.

An early childhood experience of saving a pet cat revealed to Todd the wonderful self-healing powers that are present in the human body. Todd went on to study traditional Chinese medicine as well as herbal medicine, nutrition, acupuncture and internal healing arts. He also studied western medicine, doing Nursing at Western Michigan University, personal training and human physiology and eventually received a Masters degree with a focus on health.

I discovered the foundation for this unique ritual while studying at the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences. There my teacher, known as “The Doc”, unlocked the thousand year old mystery of how the human body can heal itself quickly and without harmful drugs… eliminating pain from the body and regaining optimal health and rejuvenation,” says Todd.

Knee relief and pain reduction can now be in the hands of everyone with the ‘Feel Good Knees’ package. Walking, running, bike rides and looking and feeling normal again just like 20 years ago is possible.

Wow! I do the 5 minute routine in the morning. It’s so simple and feels so good after doing it. I have been following your Feel Good Knees program for one week and already seeing a huge reduction in pain in my knees,“ says Clarence J. from Clearwater, Florida.

Feel Good Knees’ ships with several goodies in one box, including Feel Good Knees Companion Guide, Pain Reduction Tracker, and a Video Library. Two free gifts make it a great buy, the 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers and Postural Alignment Guide. The product comes with two guarantees – pain reduction guarantee and 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. More great discounts are available from the official website.

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