Thought Leader Eric Montross Plans to Release His Seminal New Book, “Summoning Prosperity: Awakening the Creative Genius Within”

As a widely recognized leader in personal empowerment, Eric Montross has been helping his followers obtain insights into their own personalities, thought processes and ultimate potential. He has worked professionally as a technology teacher and avid producer of transformative audio visual content for websites. However, he may be more readily identified as the founder of  Leadership Mindset Network, a website that trains people on how to package and deliver their own unique message to the world through empowering information products and online training courses. Some of the most powerful lessons about how to discover and fully realize your highest potential are now available inside a concise but life-changing book, “Summoning Prosperity: Awakening the Creative Genius Within”.

“Summoning Prosperity: Awakening the Creative Genius Within” is an autobiographical book that allows readers to learn about leadership qualities, innovative thinking, & sustainable blueprints. It also touches upon the transformative power of music, yoga, comedy, reprogramming the subconscious and even discovering true love. Eric has invested an enormous amount of himself and shares from his vast repository of wisdom in this immensely important work. Readers who obtain the digital version will be able to learn even more as each chapter includes live links which take them to sites containing more empowering information and inspirational audio visual content.

While Eric Montross has created an astounding book that could help thousands or even millions of people achieve fulfillment and personal success, “Summoning Prosperity: Awakening the Creative Genius Within” is yet to be published. You can now be a part of this important project by supporting the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that will raise the $5,000 needed to publish Eric’s book.  In return for your financial support of this important project, you may receive perks like ebooks, training videos, mind maps, music albums, hardcover editions, or hour long consultations with Eric Montross.

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