Brewover 3 in 1 coffee brewing device. Worlds First Control flow pour over and cold Drip/immersion coffee maker. Now on Kickstarter!

Our Story

Manna Beans Specialty Coffee Roasting Company and Bean Green Specialty Green Coffee traders have combined forces and with over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry between us have developed a simple yet highly effective multi functional brewing device which is affordable for everyone.

We combined both slow drip cold brew coffee method and immersion techniques which result in a beautiful reduced acidity naturally sweet iced coffee, perfect for drinking over ice or with milk. 

The pour over is widely used in the specialty coffee industry with products like Chemex and V60 pour over. We wanted to improve on the design and functionality and we did this by incorporating this method into the design but creating a unique control flow valve giving more control whilst brewing and eliminating mess when the brewing is done.

Brewover can also sit comfortably on base when brewing is finished


We wanted Brewover to be visually appealing and allow you to enjoy the coffee making experience by seeing the complete process unfold in front of you. 

Whether you’re making a hot filter coffee or a slow drip cold brew coffee this clean hour glass design and high grade crystal clear pyrex glass jug will do just that. It is easy to clean and all parts are interchangeable. Although we provide filters, we also made Brewover compatible with other industry standard filters like Aeropress and Chemex.

The pour over funnel and cold drip basket are made from high quality food grade SAN materials able to withstand high temperatures allowing them to hold both hot and cold water for multiple brewing functionality.

The valve is made with a DZR brass which is food grade and often used for water boilers due to its ability to tolerate high temperatures. It is then copper dipped giving it its polished effect. 

The jug is a highly transparent pyrex glass giving it the ability to withstand a wide spectrum of temperatures and temperature changes and we put utmost importance on the quality to ensure that it is nice and thick and not going to break easily.

Most of us have heard of Irish Coffee and how good coffee and liqueur can work together. Why not try some cold brew cocktails and put your own spin on it. 

We tried a coffee martini with a twist and our very own Brendan Baxter took out the Coffee In Good Spirits Comp with some Cascara Moonshine and the Brewover prototype!

Brendan from Bean Green, some coffee pulp and cascara moonshine and the Brewover Prototype taking out the new Coffee in Good Spirits event in Australia

Bottle your own cold brew and share with friends! Easy!

Bottling cold brew coffee or coffee cocktails is another great way to share the joy with others and we have found that if using fresh milk that we can store for up to 10 days in the fridge. Making it a practical way to grab a coffee on your way to work with no fuss!

Cold Drip Technique

Cold drip coffee is made by slowly dripping cold filtered water through lightly roasted ground coffee for a period of 2-10 hours using a cold drip system. The result is a full flavoured coffee that retains the unique flavours of each coffee bean without the acidic oils typically found in coffee extracted at higher temperatures.

With a cold extraction over a ten hour period, we’re able to bring out the more subtle flavour characteristics of our single origin coffee beans. The result is a strong, dynamic coffee with a smooth finish that you won’t find coming out of an espresso machine. Each single origin coffee has a unique flavour profile that comes to life with every sip.

The cold brew can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks and also mixed with fresh milk and raw sugar for an incredible healthier iced coffee.

Pour Over Technique

Pour over or filter coffee is widely used in the specialty coffee industry as a method for brewing a lightly roasted coffee to again highlight the flavour characteristics unique to specific farms and regions and processing methods.

Arguably the simplest and cleanest way to draw out a coffees best qualities, the pour over method is elegant without being prohibitively difficult. Paired with the new control flow functionality of the Brewover, this method will produce something noticeably more delicate and complex.

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