Plastic Card Online Hong Kong Introduces Their Advantages of Plastic Business Cards To Global Clients

Plastic has many benefits that make it a better choice of material for business or gift cards. Plastic Card Online Hong Kong offers the best plastic card printing service with the highest quality material.

Plastic Card Online is a Hong Kong based plastic card printing company with a global reputation. This company brings something new and fresh to the business and gift card industry by using a durable plastic as the main material instead of paper. This company can print plastic cards for various purposes, from plastic gift cards, business cards, membership cards to reward cards and ID cards.

Plastic card has plenty of remarkable benefits which make it very popular nowadays. Durability is one of the best advantages people can get from cards made of plastic. Plastic Card Online’s materials are chosen from high-quality solid PVC with ICO standard. As a result, it will not be easily folded when the card is put inside a wallet. This is why many companies prefer to create plastic membership cards instead of using conventional paper.

Plastic Card Online Hong Kong Introduces Their Advantages of Plastic Business Cards To Global Clients

Furthermore, plastic cards also offer more professional looking, which is highly needed by companies and business owners to give excellent first impressions to their customers. In addition, plastic is also an excellent choice of material for VIP cards. Plastic VIP cards look expensive, fancy and attractive, which can be the reflection of the owner.

Plastic also a more eco-friendly material compared to paper. PVC plastic, the material used by Plastic Card Online, is recyclable so it is not going to contribute to the growing number of plastic waste in the earth. However, Plastic Card Online will not use any recycled plastic in its production. To ensure the quality and aesthetic of its cards, the company uses brand new PVC plastic, which is more durable and also will deliver smoother and better results. In addition, Plastic Card Online also only uses Heidelberg machines to produce its cards. This is the same machine that is used in credit card making process, which will ensure the VIP quality of the company’s cards.

About Plastic Card Online

Plastic Card Online HK is a card printing company founded in 2008. Different with the other card printing companies, Plastic Card Online’s cards are printed on high-quality plastic, which is not only more durable but also eco-friendly since the plastic is recyclable. Every year, the company produces at least 20 million pieces of plastic cards which are exported to more than 80 countries all around the world. It proves the company’s quality and reputation as a global plastic card manufacturer.

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