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Biofluid Focus announces a new product for drug stability testing, the PharmaTainer™ 10mL Stability Vial helps minimize the amount of drug material consumed during testing.

Largo, FL – Biofluid Focus announces new 10mL vials for drug stability testing. PharmaTainer vials reduce the amount of drug material consumed during th testing.

Today’s biotech drugs can be incredibly valuable often in excess of $100,000 per liter. Naturally, manufacturers want to minimize the amount of material consumed in internal processes and testing. PharmaTainer™ 10mL Stability Vials help maximize yield by reducing the amount of drug material consumed in stability testing. Now 10mL vials can replace 50 to 60mL test containers, reducing drug material consumption by 80%.

PharmaTainer vials are produced in the same materials as PharmaTainer Bottles and Carboys; HDPE for caps and either PET or polycarbonate for the container body. The vials feature the same double-seal closure system as the larger containers and like the larger containers, vials are molded in an ISO class 7 environment.

Vials are packed 49 in a hard foam tray. Trays are vacuum packed; the vacuum provides evidence of package integrity. This is over-packed with two additional layers of poly bag.  Each carton of vials contains 5 trays for a total of 245 vials. Radiation sterilized.

For additional information, contact Biofluid Focus Inc. at 727.437.777 or by email: info@biofluidfocus.com. Alternatively, visit the product listing at BiofluidFocus.com.

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Biofluid Focus specializes in supplying single-use products for pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our featured line of PharmaTainer rigid bioprocess containers is manufactured by Cellon SA in Luxembourg. Biofluid Focus is their master distributor for North America.

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