Evolving Students in Learning through Involved Parents

Involving parents in the education of their children is an important part of encouraging better learning. Parents who take an interest in their child’s school performance at all levels make sure that their children get better grades. In the internet age software and other electronic measures are taken to ensure that busy working parents can monitor children real time during school hours. 


Research has shown that children with fewer behavioral problems are backed by parental involvement in their daily school performance. The academic performance improves because their parents can check their problems and find solutions. When parents are involved in the education of their children it is more likely that they will finish high school. 


In January 2002, the No Child Left Behind legislation was made a law. The No Child Left Behind law mandates that parents and schools should work together to improve the education given to children. Besides schools, education agencies and other education focused programs like ClassDojo help parents monitor the progress of their children and their activities in school on their mobile devices including mobile phones and tablets. Why not find out more about how you as a parent can become involved with your children’s education. 


There are many ways by which parents can get involved with the education of their child. They can attend meetings held by the school where they can suggest ways of improving the education or furthering the talent of their children. If their child has musical talent they can suggest that the school offers many music programs provided by the National Association for Music Education. Parents can meet with a teacher to improve the performance of their child in a specific subject. They can serve or volunteer in a school committee and help improve the academic performance of their child. They can also ensure that their child attends school regularly by being and staying involved. 

How Schools can Encourage Parental Involvement 

Schools should evolve strategies to improve communication with parents. Parents should be encouraged to play a part in school planning and the school should find methods by which parents can volunteer in school programs. Schools should also help parents connect with community agencies that seek to support the academic well-being of students. Teachers should be in touch with parents through email and home visits. They can hold an opening house before the beginning of school to have a personal interaction with parents. They should give parents printed policy sheets to help them clearly understand the goals of the school. They should also provide phone numbers and email addresses of teachers so that parents can communicate with them easily.

Parents play a major role in their child’s educational and environmental evolution.

Research has shown that parental involvement is an important factor in a child’s academic success. Parental involvement also helps them improve their child’s behavior and makes children better at social adjustment. Quality education depends not only on better quality teachers but on the level of parental involvement.

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