New York Coin (NYC) Cryptocurrency Approved at Exrates Exchange for Bitcoin, ETH and USD Trading

Exrates Exchange, ranked in the top 30’s at Coinmarketcap, just added trading pairs for NYC (NewYorkCoin). WIth under 100 coins and tokens listed, Exrates is hand-picking the best of the best in the space and is experiencing rapid growth therefrom. A clear and easy to navigate interface welcomes users without a ton of “clutter” often found on other crypto exchange platforms. Fast loading, simple to navigate and secure. Exrates offers 2-factor authentication combined with email confirmations to protect your account against attempts of unauthorized access. Exrates ( currently does about $45,000,000 in daily trading volume, ranking it #33 at Coinmarketcap based on largest crypto exchanges.

NYC (NewYorkCoin) is a lightning fast scrypt coin with a 4+ year proven blockchain. 30-second confirmations make NYC usable at the retail level worldwide. 24 businesses are now accepting NYC as payment. Growing Community with a very active and high-caliber development team, attracting talent from Fortune 100 Companies. Electrum NYC wallet for desktop and mobile recently released. Block reward halving and security updates being implemented to prevent multipool abuse. Large scale merchant acceptance worldwide is the goal for NYC.

Upcoming NYC Exhibits at Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, July 11-13 and Fintech Week New York in lower Manhattan July 31-Aug 2 will help bring NYC more exposure and awareness. Large cryptocurrency exchanges and international crypto conferences are planned for the 2nd half of 2018. NYC’s “Summer of Awareness” combined with its international push later in 2018 will help spread the word of the convenience and usability of NYC worldwide. 

Visa, Mastercard, American Express – 2 to 3% fees. Why? Western Union, Money Gram – 5 to 8% fees. Why? NYC is a free worldwide money transfer and payment system. And NYC is lightning fast. Open source code with a 4+ year proven blockchain. MEET NYC “the best kept secret in crypto”.

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Company Name: New York Coin
Contact Person: Charlie Kartchner
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Phone: 718-490-7554
Country: United States