Synecore Ltd Introduce Business Method to Save Time and Energy

Detling, Kent – Electricity powers every facet of the modern world. It offers connection through the internet and cellular devices. It brings visibility through lighting systems. It even maintains temperature through air conditioners. This dependence on electricity is especially important for businesses. A company is crippled if it does not have a solid electrical setup. This is why every component of electricity needs to be carefully planned, installed, and maintained. Some companies will turn to multiple contractors, relying on different electrical and mechanical sources to outfit their businesses. Other companies are streamlining their infrastructure through a single entity, M&E contractors.

M&E specialists, such as Synecore LTD, are a group of contractors who specialise in all things mechanical and electrical. From maintaining air conditioners to installing refrigerators, they offer a broad array of M&E services to companies in Kent and London. By overseeing so many different specialities, a company can easily find solutions for any of their infrastructure needs. Synecore has made it clear; they are here to provide the mechanical and electrical contractors Kent & London requires.

Synecore LTD coordinates by consolidating multiple M&E projects into one. Through their M&E engineering program, they use multiple contractors to control different sectors of a project. This saves time, money, and energy due to multiple jobs being streamlined through one cohesive unit. By using an M&E service, such as Synecore LTD, companies are making their installation run much more smoothly. Instead of hiring several companies, they are only hiring one. Thus, they are saving on costs. Companies are also saving on time, due to Synecore coordinating all the jobs within itself. This creates a cohesion that is necessary for a smooth, successful project.

Synecore not only creatives cohesiveness, they also foster communication. Through their Facebook page,, they update the public on their recent projects. Their page is filled with helpful information, from energy saving tips to the most efficient air conditioning Kent & London has to offer. They also offer guidance on their twitter, Here one can find warning signs of a faulty air conditioner, and other maintenance tips and tricks.

Synecore is well equipped to maintain existing M&E systems. Businesses not only need to successfully install their infrastructure, they also need to maintain it. Poor maintenance can lead to faulty or broken machinery. By choosing an M&E contractor, companies are insuring themselves through using preventive measures. Synecore LTD offers a program called planned preventative maintenance (PPM).  Through PPM, Synecore will repeatedly check the machinery and stop any problems before they come to fruition.

It is through this cohesive communication that companies can rest easy. They know that their machinery—and their business— is running smoothly.

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