Agent by Offer: “Create a Listing, Accept an Offer, and Get Connected. Simple, like it should be”

Agent by Offer, a real estate company that is highly renowned for premium service at a low rate, launches its online platform in order to serve people more. Having understood the fact that everyone wants to find the best real estate agent at the best commission rate, the company opens a website, which went live on the 18th of June 2018, to help people connect with real estate professionals and get the best deal possible they desire and deserve at any time of the day. The company currently gives a 30-Day free trial to all real estate agents, realtors, and property managers. The newly launched website offers 24 hours professional listing services to its clients.

With Agent by Offer in the picture, people can now hire a professional real estate agent at a very low and affordable rate. They know that everyone finds their real estate agent through a family or friend referral or a search engine where you find the agent with highest marketing budget all just to receive the same standardized rates of 3% commission to buy or sell a home and 10% to rent out their property. The company makes available an opportunity for professional real estate agents, Realtors®, and property managers to register with the company and offer their services to the people who are looking for them.

One great thing that distinguishes Agent by Offer’s online service is the fact that the site provides real estate professionals with real people who had signified their interests to sell, buy, or rent out a home. This simply means Agent by Offer does not provide weak “leads” of people browsing for houses but makes sure – through it’s “Offer” Service’s listing process –  that each user of its website is a serious seller or buyer. Therefore, all users on the website are people who are ready to do business, and not only that, they are also people ready to hit the ground running.  

The visionary behind Agent by Offer, Chief Executive Officer, Jereme P. Tayamen said, “Agent by Offer is here to make finding a real estate professional simple, we are determined to get you the best real estate agent who will serve you at the best rates possible. Our platform is made to revolutionize the process and that is why we’re giving all listing agents a level playing field to compete and display their professionalism on our website. As a real estate professional, visit our website, register with us and start offering your services through our one of a kind system. We are here to make this process simple like it should be.

Unlike many other real estate agent sites, Agent by Offer donates 100% of the small Listing Fee profits to Non-Profit Organizations that deal with housing in order to improve housing situations for first responders, veterans, and the homeless. To experience pure professionalism at a very cheap rate, Agent by Offer only charges its clients and real estate professionals low fees compared to the marketing fees and other programs out there providing weak leads. With that, time of paying for a blanket service which clients and listing agents might not need is over. In addition to that, on its website, Agent by Offer has listing sections where every client can create a listing with all the information of their current home or their future home. Also, these listings are viewable by real estate professionals who are looking for clients to represent. Agent by Offer believes in protecting clients’ personal information so no personal information is viewable on the website until an offer is accepted, and only at that point, the accepted agent will receive their information so they can get to business. Real Estate Professionals have profiles that give information on experience, areas of work, company info etc. They can search and receive notifications of listing that meet their criteria on the site. Real Estate Professionals can also submit offers based on commission rate, and other agreement terms depending on the type of real estate transactions.

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