The God of Time: How God’s Foreknowledge Protects Freewill Now Available on Amazon

The thought-provoking book has been written by Pastor Luis Scott who wants to take the reader on a very interesting journey. Since the 1980s open theism has become a huge talking point, and that talking point went one step further when a new book was released in 1994. Pastor Luis Scott aims to set the record straight and change people’s views with his new book.

Pastor Luis Scott and Top Link are pleased to announce the launch of a new paperback book in the Religion & Spirituality section. The book titled The God of Time: How God’s Foreknowledge Protects Freewill defends God’s foreknowledge against the new theological movement that arose in the 1980s called “open theism”.

In 1994 when a book was written and released looking at open theism; it caused a huge outcry with many religious people. However, over the years open theism has become popular with many believing the claims in the book to be true. Author of The God of Time: How God’s Foreknowledge Protects Freewill challenges those beliefs and the theological movement that began in the 1980s.

According to Open Theism, God does not know the future and if he did know the future then human beings would not be truly free. Those that believe in open theism believe that no one person has the power to know what the future holds. However, Pastor Luis Scott does not agree and explains why in his new book.

When asked to explain more about The God of Time: How God’s Foreknowledge Protects Freewill, Pastor Luis Scott replied: “My book is a defence of God’s foreknowledge against “open theism” or the “open view of the future.” Open theism argues that if God has foreknowledge people lose their free will, God becomes complicit with evil, and he is the author of sin. I refute these assertions and establishes the principle that God’s foreknowledge is essential to protect free will.”

Open theism has become one of the biggest religious talking points in recent times, and now that discussion and arguments that arise from those beliefs are set to continue with the new explosive book.

Pastor Luis Scott hopes to change people’s opinions on Open Theism, and with the rave reviews the book has received, it seems he’s already achieving his mission. To read the thought-provoking book, please visit

About Pastor Luis Scott

Pastor Luis Scott graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible Theology with a Greek Emphasis. He received a Master of Divinity from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois in June of 1990. While serving the United States Army as a chaplain, Pastor Scott completed the Clinical Pastoral Education in residence at the Eisenhower Medical Center. After 20 years of military service Pastor, Scott retired from the army in 2007.

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