Andrew Shuman Consulting Helps Local Businesses Rank in Google’s 3-Pack

Andrew Shuman Consulting helps local marketers, small businesses and entrepreneurs rank in Google’s 3 Pack by doing all the hard work for them. The company will make the connections and get the conversations started. Entrepreneurs can then take over once their target audience is engaged.  This is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get more leads and dominate the competition without implementing time-consuming and expensive traditional SEO methods.

Google trimmed the previous local 7-Pack to a local 3-Pack view to better serve mobile users. Before the update, seven businesses were displayed in the SERPs. Google claims that the last four results were not getting much traffic. The site also changed the appearance of the panel. Instead of showing numbers, the new 3-Pack is more likely to display business addresses and hours. The real impact of the update is yet to be seen, but it still offers benefits to businesses. One of these is the possibility of getting more exposure.

The top 3 local results are not permanent. It depends on the customer’s physical location. Two customers located only a few miles away from each other will most likely see different results. Since customers have to use the 20-business list to get the address and contact information of the business they are interested in, even those who were not included in the top 3 results can still get noticed.Although the redesigned local pack doesn’t contain a lot of business information, customers are still likely to stick to organic results. Even those who don’t rank well in local listings may still drive organic traffic to their website or business pages in other directories.

The top 3 businesses that appear in Google’s 3-Pack ranking get up to 60% of all the consumers searching for local services and products. Basically, these businesses are getting traffic for free. Andrew Shuman Consulting aims to help businesses dominate Google’s 3-Pack without paying Google a single cent. Small businesses can take advantage of the new local 3-Pack to compete with and even beat large corporations. They don’t need to allocate large corporate advertising budgets to get consistent repeatable results such as more qualified leads, exposure, clicks, and attention from potential customers. 

Small businesses and entrepreneurs only need to inform Andrew Shuman Consulting about their target market and the team will get it for them. It is like having a sales team engaging 100 customers every day. Since Google is designed to help customers connect with local service providers, businesses that are not messaging, engaging or connecting every day with prospective customers are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Andrew Shuman Consulting connects with customers and keeps them interested. The team will help small businesses appear in the 3-Pack using various marketing techniques creating a unique Google My Business profile and providing quality content to local customers.

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