Take the effort out of Cycling – Try Motor-cycling

Going for a bicycle ride can be fun, cycling every day can be tiresome. What about a conversion? Just look at what can be done to a standard 27.5″-wheel bicycle!

Epic Cycles in Vaughan, Ontario, will not take the fun out of cycling, instead they will make it all the more likeable and what’s more, there are a host of gadgets for more fun!

Yes, cycling can be fun, and with the Epic Cycle’s Magnum R2 conversion kit for any 27.5″ bicycle, giving an experience and the ride of a lifetime! Consider the following: A precision German engineered electrical system and custom fitted DC electric motor with a speed control can make a real difference to the word “ride”.  So, on offer is an entirely new experience in cycling whilst being the envy of colleagues, try this one out. This is what is in the Epicycle’s R2 custom designed DIY system that anyone can fit:

  • A 500-Watt 48 Volt battery powered motor fitted to a custom 27.5″ rear wheel
  • A Samsung 48V 13 amp/hour, Li-NCM (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese) battery, with a charge time of +/- 6 hours
  • A customized readout LCD display showing: 6 bar battery level indicator, speed readout, Assist level indicator and Odometer.

This will give an estimated speed of around 22 MPH and drive modes of Cadence sensing, pedal assist and trigger throttle.

What is in this DIY Kit:

  • The Magnum Bike R2 conversion kit 48V DC Battery charger
  • Pedal assist sensor
  • Doubled walled rims
  • 27.5″ rear wheel with integrated 48 Volt 500-Watt 8FUN Motor DC motor
  • Rear battery carry rack with integrated controller box
  • Left and right Artec brake levers
  • Manual with complete assembly instructions

The weight of this kit is 32 Kg

This kit is completely DIY and is offered with free shipping across Canada. There is customer service available should it be needed and a one-year warranty. Presently there are kits in stock.

This handy DIY conversion kit is great when feeling a little tired and in need of some assistance. Well, with the Magnum R2 Conversion Kit, that tired feeling is soon dispensed with. The option to change from pedal power to motor power is there at the touch of a lever.

Why not try out this handy piece of German Designed and Engineered Power assisted bicycle kit. See this kit at https://epiccycles.ca/product/magnum-bikes-r2-conversion-kit/ and also the range of powered cycles that are available at the same time. A Magnum R2 conversion kit is a DIY power assistant for a 27.5″ standard bicycle. Enjoy the ride!

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