Joyful Path turns to Indiegogo Crowdfunding to Keep Doors Open

Nov 6, 2014. Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, USA – A path to happiness and wellness is paved with kindness, strong ethics, and dedicated perseverance behind the scenes. Joyful Path and the people working there strongly embody these characteristics and will continue to benefit individuals in communities like yours for years to come… but only if they stay open!

Some days we need a helping hand to make it through tough times. The programs at Joyful Path are designed to help. The individuals at Joyful Path offer a variety of programs that include valuable training in meditation, stress reduction, and non-violent communication skills. They also offer an array of healing modalities, such as yoga, body work, and aromatherapy, all of which enhance personal tranquility and inner peace. “We empower you to make positive changes in your life.” There are dozens of grateful testimonials on their web site gathered over the past 7 years.

Joyful Path now faces a strong challenge; in order to continue their valuable work, it is necessary to raise funds for a new mortgage. They are turning to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for your help keeping this amazing and inspirational work going.

As the founders explain, this need for funding was a sudden turn of event. “Through unexpected bank mergers and changing lending criteria, the mortgage on Joyful Path cannot be automatically renewed. Even though we’ve always had a positive cash flow and paid the mortgage on time, we must secure a new mortgage with a down payment of $45,000 – or lose Joyful Path.” Every dollar makes a difference and it’s a testament to their purpose that they’re already hitting the half way mark! With your help, Joyful Path will succeed in raising the remaining funds to hit $45,000 (USD) before the end of this year.

Check out their Indiegogo site video at for testimonials on how they continue to improve lives. Also, take a look below at the many stress-reduction and healing classes offered at Joyful Path, many of which you can take advantage of as ‘perks’ for your donation!

• Loving-Kindness meditation classes
• Non-violent communication
• Stress-reduction workshops
• Compassionate end-of-life training
• Teachings by Buddhist master Domo Geshe Rinpoche
• Yoga classes and private sessions
• Massage and bodywork
• Foundations of Yogic Healing training 

Donations start at just a dollar, so everyone can lend a hand! Your generous donation will touch the lives of many that are in need. Given the pace and pressures of modern society, programs like those listed above are essential for healthy families and healthy living. Don’t let this important path be closed forever! Help spread kindness by donating. You’ll be helping mothers, brothers, sisters, neighbours and co-workers!

And there are plenty of perks to choose from! Starting at a donation level of just ten dollars, you’ll be listed on Joyful Path’s online Gratitude List and get a link to an MP3 download of a guided Loving Kindness Meditation. You don’t even need to be in the same city to benefit!

Want a more ‘hands on’ experience? For a $50 donationyou will receive an introductory class to Loving Kindness or a Yoga for Anybody class (online may be available). Grateful for what Loving Kindness has done for a loved one? Consider a larger donation of $500. In exchange you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind set of meditation beads, hand-made in the Buddhist tradition by one of the Joyful Path practitioners. For $2,500 USD, you’ll receive a life-experience for you or a loved one; enjoy a weekend retreat at Lotus Lake Dharma Center in Neillsville, Wisconsin. You will be welcomed with a Buddhist katha, a traditional white silk scarf on arrival!

Another rare and unique perk offered in this campaign is the work of world-renowned photographer, Brynn Bruijn. Internationally recognized, she has spent a lifetime capturing the human experience through her lens. In 1988 Bruijn was requested by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to journey to Tibet… her mission was to document the remnants of sacred art scattered throughout the ruins of ancient Tibetan temples. Bruijn captured photographs of rare 600-year-old wall murals housed in ruins of Shalu Monastery, one of the oldest teaching monasteries in Tibet.  Her photographs of Shalu appeared in National Geographic Magazine, and were also presented as a major exposition at the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde in the Netherlands.  Her work brought the attention of the world to this remarkable site, and as a direct result, the preservation and restoration of Shalu Monastery became the UNESCO Cultural Project of the Decade. 

See her work at

For a $5,000 contribution, you get a choice of one of Brynn’s limited edition 20” x 24”, signed and matted prints. This would be an attractive gift under the Christmas tree!

Finally, as a recognized non-profit, all contributions to Joyful Path are tax-deductible.

Can’t donate but still want to help? Tell everyone in your networks locally and globally and share the links below widely. Estimated delivery for products is December, 2014.

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