Why Taxes are the Silent Killer when it Comes to Retirement

Financial Planning Expert Kirk Ashburn
Financial planning expert Kirk Ashburn of Advantage Wealth Advisors discusses why taxes can kill a financial plan and why it is important that people pay themselves before paying Uncle Sam.

By Zoey Thompson

Lake Zurich, IL – Contrary to popular belief, health insurance is not the biggest expense in retirement. According to Kirk Ashburn, CEO of Advantage Wealth Advisors, that accolade goes to taxes. Part of his financial planning approach is to reduce the tax burden of his clients so that they can enjoy their retirement years instead of living with the worry of it all running out.

“I say all the time that taxes are ‘the silent killer’,” says Ashburn, “but it’s not really a joke. It’s a sad fact that most pensioners and retirees see their hard-earned, hard-saved monies being depleted by the Tax Man. This is money they have already paid taxes on several times over in their lifetimes. My job is to teach people how to pay themselves, first, and avoid paying taxes that they really have no need to be paying.”

Advantage Wealth Advisors’s motto is, “It’s not what you make, but what you keep.” To that end the company puts its efforts into finding ways for people to avoid throwing needless money away on taxes.  The rule of thumb for most financial advisors is to create plans that are a combination of “growth and safety”.  And while Ashburn agrees that those are important, growth in the wrong way and the wrong place can result in less money in the pocket after taxes. His goals for clients is to create tax-deferred growth and tax-free incomes so that they have enough money to spend with confidence in their retirement years.

“Pay Uncle Sam what he needs, not what he wants,” suggests Ashburn. “That’s the only way to have money to live off of later, I’m afraid.  I’ve spoken on Fox Business News with Varney and discussed the issue of too much risk and going to safer harbors. You have to control your taxes and risk if you want to have enough money for retirement.”

Advantage Wealth Advisors uses a combination of insurance products and investment products to build tax-efficient strategies. They cover as many bases as possible to create a retirement plan that will last and evolve with retirement. They work with each and every client to understand their financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment objectives and then create a custom plan that works for them.

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