A Black-Tech Beauty Product of Silicon Valley may be Launched to Break the Bottleneck of Traditional Skin Care Industry

In the past few days, “black technology” swept the beauty and skin care industry across the world, for a new beauty product on a par with mini-plastic surgery will be launched in the near future. Industry experts believe that the product will break the bottleneck of traditional skin care industry, redefine the global concept of skin care, and introduce a high-end trend to skin care industry.

Insiders say that the product is so amazing and precious because it adopts “NanoBlock” as its core technology and imports all the materials and techniques from Silicon Valley.

As it is known, Silicon Valley is home to 80% of the high-tech enterprises in the world, such as Intel, Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc., so NanoBlock can never be taken lightly. In 2011, it won the first prize in the Annual Venture Contest of Silicon Valley, and in 2012, it was one of the top three cosmetic tools in the HBA Global Cosmetic Expo. NanoBlock is a 15-year research result of eight world-class scientific research personnel who controlled the whole process in accordance with the CGMP standards and concentrated on quality and safety.

NanoBlock has become a proven technique after years of application to clinical medicine, easing injection pain and promoting skin absorption. With over 100 top skin specialists, it has been not only exclusively authorized by 16 patents for invention but also specially supported by China’s 863 Program.

As people are paying more attention to physical attractiveness and “non-medical cosmetology” is leading the trend, NanoBlock extends from clinical medicine to skin care. Compared to cumbersome and time-consuming traditional skin care steps, it can infuse quantitative nutrient into targeted skin quickly, accurately and effectively in a safe and noninvasive method.

According to information, although it has not been launched, the product with “black technology of Silicon Valley” has already caught the eye of the whole industry and even has been reported by Forbes, CCTV and other media at home and abroad. Let’s just wait and see whether it is powerful enough as reported to redefine the global concept of skin care.

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