Dr Russell Kiser Supports The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum

The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum

Dr Kiser made a donation to the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum to support the facility in its endeavor to provide a creative environment for the children of the Mansfield area. This sets a precedent for residents of Mansfield and the hope is that these donations will become a tradition there. Dr Kiser is from Mansfield, returned and has worked in the Mansfield community for over a decade. The donation comes from a portion of the proceeds of Dr Kiser’s dental cleanings performed at the office. He also is involved with the community of Mansfield and has contributed to various charitable activities over the years. His viewpoint is that the community is like an extended family.

The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum, founded in 2011, has new leadership. Director Fred Boll has recently joined Little Buckeye.

Fred was asked for some more information about this museum and what they are about. He said: “Little Buckeye opened its doors with the idea that children can develop real life skills through interactive play. Little Buckeye Children’s Museum encourages parent and child interaction, which builds on the shared experiences of both”. The other point Fred made was that children often desire to imitate their parents. This usually becomes an unconscious habit of a lifetime. At the museum, children get to consciously pretend to be adults by entering into a scenario where they have simulated businesses, theatre, a grocery store, salon, and more. Children can also “go to work” in various jobs recreated at the museum.

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum
44 W 4th St,
Mansfield, OH 44902

Endodontics has been a specialty for Dr Kiser and cases have been referred to him throughout the state of Ohio. Endodontics is a technical specialization in dentistry which covers the subject of root canal therapy and microsurgery to save teeth. Roots are tiny parts of the tooth that generally require precise control and accuracy in repair and removal. Dr Kiser has since expanded his practice to include general dentistry with focus and attention to dental implant constructions of various kinds. He brings to that aspect of dentistry the same level of competence, which he has demonstrated for many years in the field of endodontics. Dr Kiser can attend to dental emergencies with confidence and that confidence transmits to the patients he treats with durable cosmetic results of teeth, other replacement or corrective options, and dental implants. They feel safe and relaxed when going to Advanced Dentistry and Dental Implant Center in Mansfield, Ohio.

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