Hard Drive Recovery Group Busts Data Recovery Myths Via Google MyBusiness Posts

Every day, hard drives crash across America, leading both consumers and businesses scrambling for correct, high quality data recovery information in order to retrieve data from their drives, RAID arrays, and smartphones. A key problem for these hard drive recovery seekers is that there are quite a few data recovery myths out there, many of which can be dangerous.

One of these myths is that data recovery service companies typically charge $1 per GB, which would mean that recovering one of today’s larger drives would cost a bundle. As a prime example, an 8TB drive, under these metrics, would cost $8000 to recover.

As a data recovery price leader, Hard Drive Recovery Group understands that these numbers can be terrifying for customers on a budget. Fortunately, they are not true.

Another classic myth is that you can quickly and easily open a failed or crashed hard drive, replace a part, and all of your data can be restored. This tends to be perpetuated by firms selling PCB boards and electronic parts for SSD and hard drives. It is also not true.

Myth Busting

Fortunately, Hard Drive Recovery Group, which specializes in affordable clean room data recovery services, has begun to offer daily “data recovery tips” via its Google MyBusiness listing. These tips provide detail on data recovery for laptops, RAID arrays, PC and Mac hard drives and more.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is, of course, a data recovery service first, but uses education to ensure that its customers are fully informed during the hard drive data recovery process. This process can be time consuming and complicated, and an informed customer typically ends up as a very satisfied customer, many of which leave their reviews on services like Yelp.

Some of the recent posts that Hard Drive Recovery Group has published include this one, which highlights why a national data recovery service can be an excellent alternative over local companies. This post on RAID data recovery, meanwhile, highlights HDRG’s free pickup of business servers throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

No matter the data loss issue, HDRG customers can be assured that their hard drive recovery process will be transparent, informative and secure, all at the low data recovery prices they have come to expect.

About Hard Drive Recovery Group:

Hard Drive Recovery Group has provided data recovery services for over 15 years, and has recovered thousands of gigabytes of data from RAID servers, laptops, HDDs and SSD drives. Our clients come to us with deletions, fire and flood data loss, and many other accidental losses that the client thought would be unrecoverable – only to prove that data, in the hands of data recovery experts like HDRG, is never “unrecoverable”. This is one of the many reasons why HDRG has a 99% customer retention rate and receives over 80% of our customer referrals from current clients. 

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