South Korea Blockchain (SKBC) Opens “Bitcoin Learning Center” in Seoul to Introduce the General Public to the Basics of Bitcoin

“Bitcoin Learning Center”
While many people are interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in South Korea, most are unsure of how they operate and the technology behind them. South Korean Blockchain is doing their best to solve this problem with the launch of the new “Bitcoin Learning Center” in Seoul.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are some of the hottest topics in the investment and tech worlds today.  Unfortunately, many people have great misunderstandings how they work and little knowledge of the technology they are built on.  For people in Korea with a strong interest in this area, there’s a good reason to celebrate.  The South Korea Blockchain (SKBC) recently celebrated the grand opening of their new “Bitcoin Learning Center” designed to demystify Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for those who attend so they can step into the Bitcoin world with more confidence and knowledge.  The excitement surrounding the project is high.

“There’s no doubt of the potential for profit in crypto investment,” commented Andrew Lim, President of South Korea Blockchain.  “Forbes magazine’s ‘Korea’s Richest 50 People’ now includes crypto investors. The demand for Bitcoin is on the rise again”.

“There is a huge need for education”, Lim added. “Investors need to be better prepared by understanding the risks and the potential volatile nature of the market so they aren’t surprised if things shift radically in the short term. Investors need to be smarter. I believe we will see another bull market in cryptocurrencies in the next few months.  These are all things our new ‘Bitcoin Learning Center’ will help prepare”.

In a recent change in South Korea, the South Korean government declared Bitcoin as a legally recognized asset which is an important announcement that gave asset managers, hedge funds and individual investors alike more motivation to purchase Bitcoin and hold them in their portfolios.

There’s no doubt the topic of cryptocurrencies are on the rise again and South Korea is certainly now one of the leaders in this space.  Armed with the right knowledge, the chances of investors diversifying their portfolios to include Bitcoin is sure to skyrocket.

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