Stately Worldwide introduces their company that is committed to inspiring their customers and helping others

Offering the highest quality and affordable home and office products

Stately Worldwide proudly announced their company which specializes in offering high-quality, affordable home and offices product with their customers in mind. The company is proud to dedicate a portion of their profit to people in need in their bid to contribute to the welfare of people around the world.  Also, Stately Worldwide offers their customers the chance to feel rewarded through their purchases because they not only get the product they love, but also they are happy knowing that someone will be helped as a result of purchasing from Stately Worldwide.

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“Stately Worldwide is a socially responsible company rooted in our faith and dedicated to helping those in need. God has blessed us, and it’s only right to pay it forward. With each purchase from us, a portion of the profits is donated to organizations around the world aimed at helping those in need. Not only do we gratefully donate a portion of the profits from our product sales, but we are also looking to start an annual charitable event,” said Rick Nunnelee – founder of Stately Worldwide. “At Stately Worldwide, we believe everyone deserves to live a life of gratitude.  We recognize that everyone’s journey is unique and there are days we need a little nudge or a life-changing experience to enable an attitude of gratitude, and that’s why Stately Worldwide is on a mission to inspire our customers and help those in need,” he added.

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About Stately Worldwide

Stately Worldwide is a small, family-owned business based in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company was started in October 2017 by Richard Nunnelee with the support of his wife, Connie. They started the company with the aim to build something that would allow them to take control of their time and to inspire and help others.

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