Green Olive Firewood Co Launches Responsibly-Sourced Firewood and Accessories

Rowhook, Nr Horsham – The Green Olive Firewood Co offers a variety of products that are responsibly sourced. Some of the products available are Olive Firewood, Kiln Dried Oak and Hardwood, Local UK Seasoned Hardwood, Heat Log Sawdust Briquettes, Outdoor BBQ Ranges, and a variety of accessories. The company aims to ensure the best quality in responsibly sourced firewood and firewood that will endure burning for as long as possible.

Customers wanting naturally-sourced charcoal should look no further than Green Olive’s Longburn Lumpwood Charcoal. This lumpwood is derived from one hundred percent natural wood, burned down into charcoal. This is oftentimes a chef’s best choice, because it will offer a completely natural cook with the ability to cook over intense, high heat. To learn more about this chef’s choice charcoal and the prices for delivery straight to the home, visit

Firelighters are another hot item from Green Olive Firewood Co. Eco Firelighters are made exclusively from vegetable oil compressed with sawdust and then packed down into twenty-eight-piece blocks. These lighters can work as good as the traditional lighters but without the smell of paraffin or lighter fluid. This makes it a good option for open fires and cooking, as there are no chemical smells with this product. The ins and outs of these Eco Firelighters can be garnered by visiting for all of the pertinent information.

At Green Olive Firewood Co, the company strives to make firewood that is more economical, longer burning, and firewood that burns with an enticing aroma. Olive Firewood is a green and renewable energy resource and is completely natural. The company cuts these naturally sourced pieces of wood into handy sizes so that it can burn well in wood burning stoves and open fires. The wood is also ideal for fire pits, chimineas, barbeques, and pizza ovens.

The company offers free delivery on all orders over £150 in cost. Customers may also subscribe to a monthly mailing list that sends special offers via email. The company likewise offers an easy contact form on the website if a client should have any specific questions regarding the firewood or accessories available. Visit to learn all the information regarding all the products that are responsibly sourced through Green Olive Firewood Co.

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