Dental Implants Are the Answer – But At What Cost?

New-teeth-in-one-day, an amazing new prosthesis, is an intraoral venture into the science of dental surgery. It is a treatment wherein, after diagnosis, a new set of teeth can be fitted in one day with one appointment. This is especially useful should a denture be giving problems where the teeth or mouth should be fitted with a new denture. There is now, no need for a new denture as, with teeth-in-one-day a permanent set of new teeth, can be fitted and permanently screwed into the jawbone in a day.

New-teeth-in-one-day, a genuine one-day dental clinic is a dental practice offering this process and with a vast coverage of the greater Ontario area. These implants are available in the following areas: Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Markham and lastly Guelph.

But, how does it work?

At around 08h00 AM, after a greeting by the team the surgical procedure starts. This surgical procedure will finish around 11.30 AM. From there it is time to relax, watch TV read, etc. until the review is complete about 2.30 PM. Thereafter all that remains is to leave the rooms with a new smile.

The product

Basically, and with a quick insight into the product, New-teeth-in-one-day implant four titanium fixtures into the jawbone, custom manufacture a new set of teeth to replace the teeth extracted or where the denture resided, firmly screw in the new set of temporary teeth. The titanium implants take approximately two months to bond to the jawbone during which time the new porcelain permanent teeth are being manufactured. After two months, the temporary teeth are removed (unscrewed) and the new permanent set fitted. Either upper or lower jaws can be fitted with teeth in this way. Possibly, the upper jaw may have six implants as the upper jawbone always contains less bone than the lower. This being said, the question arises, how much will they cost?

New-teeth-in-one-day, as of 2018, sees varying costs in Canada depending on whether a partial prosthesis is fitted, often referred to as a denture with a fixed framework, start at around $2000 to $4000 for a three unit fixed bridge. A full set or teeth or full fixed denture, again depending on the condition of the jawbone etc. also whether upper or lower jaw, prices start at around $13,500 per arch. A full construction of upper and lower teeth is around $30,000.  Prices vary from town to town and in Toronto prices can work out at about $1,000 per tooth. However, not to give up yet as there are interest free financing options in place, depending if a successful qualification is obtained. It is earnestly suggested that an appointment is made and obtain a free quotation after an examination.

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