An AI Based Fledgling Startup in the Hinterlands of India holds promise for a Better Future for the planet and striving to bring clean mobility to the masses

An undercover startup from Punjab, India is building revolutionary Electric
Vehicles having Autonomous capability and believe that they have it in them to shape the future of mobility and make this world a cleaner, greener and a better place for the masses, we take you into a sneak peek preview of what’s buzzing at this new start-up along with their CEO – Inderveer Singh.

The Industrial revolution has been pivotal in changing mankind forever and with it brought to the world the concept of mass manufacturing, which has been the major driver to make the automobile a reality. With automobiles being mass produced and economies of scale kicking in they were more affordable and slowly started making way to every household in the globe, this made distances smaller led to the development of industries earlier not thought off, urbanization became a reality and as distances became shorter the businesses also grew and we were brought forward into the world as we know it. However mobility with all it advantages brought forward also has its follies, with the growing use of automobiles in our daily lives we are witnessing large scale erosion of our natural resources, pollution is an evil we are living with and road accidents are leading to loss of life in thousands every year. All these facts are forcing the world to sit up take notice and change for the better and there are a bunch of entrepreneurs who have taken up the challenge and are working to improve the current scenario that had become so grave that is threatening the existence of the world.

One of the few entrepreneurs championing the case of green mobility is Mr. Inderveer Singh Panesar who is the Founder and CEO of an under the radar Startup that is based out of India and is radically focused on electrification of vehicles, MaaS (Mobility As A Service), autonomous vehicles and alternate methods of mobility, which would aim to improve the consumer experience of getting from Point A to B.  On talking to Mr. Inderveer Singh we understand the clarity of thought behind the venture and nature of product offerings that they are presenting as a company, he is quick to point out that Mobility at its basic aims at helping people to get from point A to B and the energy of his whole start up is based on simplifying the process for people to avail mobility as a service and make it economically viable. Fundamentally he is working on a shared shuttle based connected model that would be available on demand and crowd sourced routes so that the power is distributed to the people about where they want to go and when they want it. At its core this is a decentralized mobility service for the people, the company has designed and prototyped a 6-8 Seater vehicle that is all electric with a range of 200 Kms and recharge time of 2.5 hrs, which would be the first truly electric vehicle in India. The uniqueness of the venture is that Mr. Inderveer Singh wants to control the manufacturing and service offering both unlike the segmented model used at present, the sound reasoning for the same is that he wants to control the quality of the service and the product that delivers it as ultimately it’s the product that would define the service, this is a new approach and a sound one and it commendable to think of the amount of time and resources the company is spending to ensure the end customer get the best quality of service possible.

The vehicle was conceived and built over a period of 2.5 years and there has been a dedicated team of  5 engineers and Mr. Inderveer Singh who is a hands on CEO on the project and now they are close to the product launch which they would be announcing soon for use in India and follow suit globally soon. He is also investing heavily on vision systems and Autonomous driving technologies which according to him would be the future of mobility and all the vehicles that are been produced are ready for Level 3 autonomy and the company is working on Algorithms that are AI based and used Machine Language and Deep Learning in nature. These surely are exciting times and the changes that we envision shall be happening sooner that we imagine, according to Mr. Inderveer Singh the vehicles going autonomous is an inevitability and it is the need of the hour as with AI based controls and machine learning the vehicles can be safer than ever, reduce the number of fatal accidents on the road and as well move towards more efficient fleets for the operators, the fact that few people would loose jobs and it may lead to unemployment is irrelevant as he is quick to point out two things that will define this push through automation 1.   To be able to call a person employed it means to earn a living and the capability of to provide for a college education for their children which is not possible even now and these resources can be effectively redeployed on different areas where they can have a fuller life and 2. Similar to the  advent of computers there was a large scale fear psychosis that it would take away jobs and Unions were against computerization but now at the current times there are so well integrated to our lives that we cannot imagine a world without computers.

Mr. Inderveer Singh himself is a veteran of the auto industry having worked for close to 10 years in the automotive/automotive ancillary sector with leadership positions in the companies he worked and have mastered turnarounds for the companies that he represented. He is also a member of SAE chapters in India and was also part of YBLF for ACMA India, and at the present is passionately working on the venture to make the world a better place. Here we sign off hoping for a better future that is cleaner and more sustainable, and hopefully we shall be in a position to leave a better world for our generations to come. And we would tip our hats to the entrepreneurial spirit we witnessed in the hinterlands of India and the strong desire to change the world for better.

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