Vip2Fan: The Ultimate Digital Platform Emerges to Connect Fans With Their Favorite Celebrities

The Emerging Platform is Taking The Spirit of Collecting to The Next Level & Its Presale is Now Live With Special Discounts

June 25, 2018 – Vip2Fan has proudly announced today the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on its website The emerging cryptocurrency platform is also developing an app that is aimed to the purchase and sale of memorabilia/collectables of artists, celebrities etc. This new platform is going to be a meeting point between fans and their favorite celebrities and these collectables or memorabilia will now be certified by the blockchain technology. An informative white paper about this decentralized platform is also published on the website

“You will no longer have doubts about the origin of the objects you are collecting.” says Oscar Medina, the CEO of Vip2fan, the new platform to buy and sell collectables and memorabilia certified by blockchain, which has been launched today. “We are creating a secure ecosystem for celebrity-fan exchanges, assuring that all objects purchased from the platform really originate from the corresponding artist.” he added. Vip2fan is basically an innovative platform for the purchase and sale of memorabilia that enters the market with this intention

Moreover, Vip2fan has created its own cryptocurrency called the ‘’Idoru’ to be used within the platform. From musicians to actresses and actors, superstars from both entertainment and sports will place their work on this platform, which will be sold through this emerging digital currency. According to the CEO, blockchain technology and smart contracts certify an object´s source and this also leaves a historical trace of all transactions. From then on the product can be resold within the platform with the corresponding authenticity certificate.

In addition, Vip2fan is now launching its first offer of Idoru through private sale with large discounts of up to 30 percent. This presale is now active and the public sale or the actual (ICO) begins on the 17th of July. The platform is taking the passion of collecting to the next level and collectors from around the world, along with investors and art lovers, are welcome to take part in this presale and ICO.

For more information and to participate in this presale for a special discount, please visit the website:

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