One California Solar Broker is Leading the Clean Energy Revolution

Vantage Solutions helps their clients save money by using solar solutions
Vantage Solutions is California’s premier solar broker, providing the very best in solar and energy efficient products.

By Zoey Thompson

Bakersfield, CA – California is famous for leading the Green revolution and companies like Vantage Solutions have been there for the journey. The company has been providing solar solutions for nearly a decade to the residents of Bakersfield, California. Their approach to solar is to find the right solution for each client’s individual situation.

“Before installing solar panel systems that cost thousands of dollars, I recommend that people investigate other ways to reduce energy costs and save money first, before going solar,” says CEO Bryan Wheeler. “That could be energy-efficient appliances, LED lights, servicing their AC unit things of that nature. People come to Vantage Solutions because they want to figure out how to save money now and we do our best to help them with that.”  

Small changes are what Bryan Wheeler believes makes the biggest difference for homeowners. Vantage Solutions performs a custom energy audit on every home or business that comes to them for assistance, making recommendations based on what works on their client’s individual budget.  They credit their staying power in a competitive industry to the fact that they always put the customer first.  

“We have been successful because we install products that perform exactly as promised,” says Wheeler. “Going green is not just slapping solar panels on the roof. It is about reducing energy consumption. We offer solar solutions that are designed not only to reduce energy costs but also bring value to your home or building.”

The Vantage Solutions energy audit demonstrates where money can be saved by installing solar or energy-efficient products. According to Wheeler, after seeing the numbers in black and white their customers will choose those energy-saving options for their homes because it has a Zero to lower upfront investment with a larger back-end return. 

“Our customers can reduce lighting costs simply by installing daylighting systems,” Wheeler explains. Adding that solatubes are selected as much for aesthetics and creative architectural expression as for reducing energy costs. The systems can be designed to achieve specific lighting effects such as wall washes and soffit lighting or illumination for special applications such as living walls and aquariums. 

Vantage Solutions is also a provider of solar-powered ventilation systems that prevent heat and moisture from reaching critical levels in attics, thus lowering energy costs significantly. Because Solar StarAttic Fans use solar to power it, they are able to qualify, in part, for additional Federal tax credits.

“We’re not a solar panel provider,” Wheeler explains. “We are a solar solutions provider. Our job is to save customers money and improve their quality of life. Our products are all designed to do just that.”

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