World’s Smartest Wireless & Waterproof Headphones debuts on Indiegogo

ClarO has come up with world’s smartest wireless and waterproof headphones with world’s first wireless charging pod that can also act as a super-speed battery charger.

San Francisco-based tech startup ClarO just launched the world’s smartest wireless and waterproof headphones on Indiegogo. The first of its kind, ClarO Wireless Earbuds is accompanied by a charging pod and are packed with a wide range of state of the art features including HiFi audio, 2.5 times faster wireless charging pod, secured fit, a handy in-ear mic and a superior 120 hours standby time.

ClarO earbuds are the world’s FIRST waterproof earbuds powered with WiFi audio quality that assures a phenomenal -90bDm sound. Interestingly, the cutting-edge wireless power bank charging pod also doubles up as a handy phone charger which guarantees up to 3 times faster charging speed with both iPhone and Android devices compared to regular chargers. Backed by a large 5500mAh battery capacity, the wireless charging pod assures super-fast charging for both wireless earbuds and the mobile phone. Users can use the earbuds independently of one another, and individual use will easily increase the battery life.

“We are excited to introduce world’s smartest wireless and waterproof headphones with world’s first wireless charging pod that can also serve as a super-speed battery charger. It impresses with its sleek & chic design, and its unique handy size makes it a breeze to carry. Thanks to the superior IP68 international waterproof rating, our headphones are strong enough to withstand your hard-earned sweat. You can even swim with glory with our headphones on. Our Wireless Earbuds are all set to create a revolution in the earphone space. We are looking forward to mass production and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring this phenomenal product to the whole world”, stated Juan Moran, the man behind ClarO.

ClarO Wireless Earbuds and charging pod stands out with a host of state of the art features:

  • IP68 certified waterproof and dust-proof
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • 4.5 H music time, 6.0 H talk time and 120 H standby time
  • 32-hours of playtime on the go
  • Easy auto-pairing
  • 5500 mAh wireless power bank
  • Android & iOS compatible
  • Optimized for the digital world and compatible with Siri, Alexa and Ok Google
  • Ergonomic curve
  • Soft silicone ear tips
  • Touch-sensor technology
  • LDS Antenna
  • and more

Backers will be rewarded with great discounts on wireless earbuds and charger kit.

To show your support for the campaign, please go to Indiegogo.

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