[UPDATED]: Commercial Credit Center Offers Working Capital Loans to Small Business Owners

Las Vegas, NV Small business owners have increasingly found it difficult to obtain loans from financial institutions including local banks. This saddening development has, however, caused several businesses, family and individually owned, with potentials for success, to crash and burn out of the competition. The rising costs of interest rates on loans also add to an additional difficulty, which faces small business owners in America, and as such, has discouraged the art of business startups. To revive the dying small businesses in America, Commercial Credit Center was established to meet the financial needs of small businesses, while giving the required and much needed support for success.

Describing the business model adopted by the local financial institution, the Commercial Credit Center’s spokesperson said, “It’s a challenge for many small business owners to obtain financing from their local banks. Lots of paperwork, unrealistic financial & credit requirements, and very long underwriting times. It can take weeks, sometimes even months to complete a loan. Opportunities can be missed. The amount of money may not be enough if they even get the money at all. Commercial Credit Center has made the process simpler. They can get a loan for working capital, based on their monthly cash flow. The decision is usually made within a few hours and money can be wired to the account the same day. Clients can also use unpaid invoices/receivables to obtain loans from us, as we operate not always based on credit. Collateral is not always required, as we practice a non-traditional lending. If the deal makes sense, we can make it happen. Our SBA Loan team has over 35+ years of experience. It’s safe to say our professionals have been involved with hundreds of deals over the years and there isn’t much they have not seen before. They know what it takes to get the deals closed. Even if you have been denied in the past, give us a call.”

At Commercial Credit Center, the expert financial lenders have access to over 200 specialty lenders offering business term loans, SBA Loans, Working Capital Loan, and product financing. The financial institution also offers 24-hour funding, which is fast and easy, with minimal paperwork and a personal representative to handle each client’s needs.

The business process adopted by the team at Commercial Credit Center utilizes a personal loan consultation. The team analyzes the client’s financial needs, company background, expectations,  cash flow and the approval process. Commercial Credit Center can also help refinance debt and lease equipment.

Commercial Credit Center is located at 2470 Saint Rose Parkway Suite 215 Henderson Nevada 89074. For inquiries and loan requests, contact them via phone at 888-488-7286, or via email at Brian@commercial-credit-center.com. For additional information, visit their website at https://commercial-credit-center.com/.

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