FansTime DAPP Opens deposit Channel of FTI

Singapore – June 26, 2018 – Released early March of this year, the FansTime Foundation has launched its first DAPP named FansTime with a current user base of 120,000. Three months passed, FansTime officially opened the deposit channel of FTI, the main token of FansTime which is listed HADAX, CoinEgg, and Bit-Z exchanges. It was a significant milestone of FansTime for realizing the first step of Individual IP value system.

FansTime, the blockchain based Fandom ecosystem is committed to building a new decentralized community where everyone could be a star and a fan simultaneously. The ecosystem includes Individual IP Value System, International Crowdfunding Platform, and Global Membership Rewards System.

The development of individual IP Value System is divided into three stages. In the first stage, based on rich resources in arts and sports worldwide, FansTime has built bridges between stars & celebrities and their fans by supplying various interactive media channels such as Time Exchange.

Community members of FansTime can now not only invest in FTI but also use it as a kind of currency on FansTime DAPP to purchase celebrity based on the Time Exchange function. Celebrity time is similar to tokens that their value is decided by the market.

The celebrities landed on FansTime DAPP includes A-list stars such as Stephen Hendry (Billiards Emperor), Jeff Chang (Chinese famous male singer), SBFIVE (Thailand Idol Group), Wang Feng (Chinese famous rock star), Jolin Tsai (Chinese Diva), Mario (Thai actor), and Lin Chi-Ling (Chinese famous model). FansTime has already signed nearly one hundred celebrities worldwide regarding time transactions.

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