Central Government Sectors Benefit More from We Are Lean and Agile’s ENGAGETM Suite

When it comes to perfecting business processes and models, no other company knows exactly what is required compared to We are Lean and Agile. It has developed the special ENGAGETM suite, which has already benefitted more government organisations. Here’s why.

We are Lean and Agile knows and understands that the management of processes in governmental bureaus and organisations can be complicated, as legislation is always changing (not only on the local level but on the national and even European levels as well) and a lot is required. The problem for central governmental organisations is that they need to maintain the delivery of services at all costs, and this entails the proper help and support.

This is where We are Lean and Agile come in. We are Lean and Agile is a company which has been at the forefront of process mapping and modelling for years, and it has developed its very own ENGAGETM product that has proven to be a big help to organisations in government, especially today. We are Lean and Agile confirms, “Using our suite, you can rapidly map and prototype new processes with key stakeholders and customers. Identify the benefits/business cases for delivering new services under the GDS standards.”

Additionally, the ENGAGETM tools developed and provided by We are Lean and Agile are able to support Lean, Prince2, Six Sigma, or Agile projects, which allows them to be more efficiently maximised and optimised. One particular tool which has been widely used by government organisations is the ENGAGETM Process Suite, which provides complete access to modules. With this suite, organisations can easily enhance their power when it comes to business processes. The suite also provides organisations with even more benefits, which include help in identifying savings, better engagement with stakeholders, and faster and quicker delivery.

Another product from We are Lean and Agile which has been a big help to organisations in government is the ENGAGETM Process Modeler, which allows organisations to quickly and easily map as well as model and enhance their business processes.

ENGAGETM brings other, more important benefits as well. One of these is the easier management of lead times. We are Lean and Agile confirms, “Delivering processes faster and more efficiently will reduce failure demand and improve customer satisfaction.” But apart from this, ENGAGETM helps organisations manage their costs and expenses, manage their services, manage their delivery of services, manage their compliance, and more.  

We are Lean and Agile is more than willing to provide clients with a free trial, so they can more easily determine the tools’ usefulness for their organisation, and it also provides call back services or demo services for those who would like to know more about the products.

About the company:

We Are Lean and Agile is a company which specialises in process mapping and process modelling, amongst other services. The company has developed ENGAGETM, comprised of software which allows better mapping, analysing, simulation, and modelling for business and governmental organisations. For more information on the company’s products and services, visit the website.

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