New “Small Miracles” Book Offers Hope for Life After Death

In 1997, “Small Miracles: Extraordinary Coincidences From Everyday Life” became one of the first books ever published to examine coincidences from a spiritual perspective. It compiled unique, true stories from contributors all over the world – ordinary people to whom extraordinary events occurred which seemed like more than mere coincidences.

The first book so resonated with Americans, that more than one million copies were sold, and a series was launched.

As the authors collected their stories from a range of individuals, one particular theme kept cropping up: Co-author Yitta Halberstam explains: “A lot of people told us incredible stories about how their deceased relatives came to them in dreams, and either warned them about impending dangers, gave them explicit instructions on how to escape hazardous situations, or provided them with advice about specific problems. When we heard it once, we felt a little skeptical, but after we heard a hundred variations of the same stories over and over again, we realized that although it was not scientific proof, these stories supported the possibility that the soul does live on, and that the relationships we forge during our lifetime do not end with death.” 

The second author of the book, Judith Leventhal, was intrigued by how many books on near-death experiences and other mystical topics were currently dominating the bestseller chart and being embraced by the mainstream public. “We often heard from our readers that they gave “Small Miracles” books to people as gifts, especially people who needed comfort during hard times or a loss. We derived tremendous gratification from that fact, to know that our book was emotionally helpful to people, as well as entertaining. So we decided to compile an 8th book to focus on after-death communications, reincarnation, near-death experiences, signs from deceased love ones, and the power of prayer.“

The new book released October 21, “Small Miracles from Beyond: Dreams, Visions and Signs that Link Us to the Other Side,” contains stories that will give some readers goose-bumps, and others hope, comfort and strength to carry on in the face of loss.

The amazing stories include one about a woman who asks her ill daughter to send her a sign in a crossword puzzle, and when the sign comes it bowls away everyone in her town. Another story is about a woman whose father keeps coming to her in a dream urging her to buy gallons of bottled water. She’s skeptical and dismisses the dream; but he keeps reappearing, a veritable nudge. Finally, when she’s collected dozens of bottled water and placed them in her attic – Hurricane Sandy strikes New York, the floodwaters rise in her home, and she’s up in the attic – with the only clean water she’ll have for days.

We don’t know what skeptics will say about the intriguing stories in the book, except for chalking them up to coincidence.

“This book demonstrates that our loved ones are with us still, and showering blessings upon us every day,” suggests Halberstam.

Learn more at Amazon: Small Miracles from Beyond: Dreams, Visions and Signs that Link Us to the Other Side.

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