Experienced Power of Attorney Lawyer Now Serving Los Angeles, CA

Arash Hashemi is an experienced California attorney who has handled a wide range of cases including simple transgressions and complicated felonies. His offices are now offering a new service in Los Angeles, California.  The Law Offices of Arash Hashemi can draft and implement a power of attorney (“POA”) that is tailored to the client’s unique situation. They don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Arash Hashemi and his staff listen closely to their clients and make sure that their wishes and intentions are documented correctly.

People who don’t have a comprehensive power of attorney are unable to manage the financial matters of their loved ones. They can’t even make health care decisions for their loved ones without court intervention. A power of attorney allows a person (the agent) to act on behalf of another person (the principal). It can be used when retaining the service of a professional, when recovering from a surgical procedure or when the principal is enjoying a vacation. Regardless of the reason applied, the principal has to protect his and his family’s best interests when making a POA.

A power of attorney can be broad in scope.  It can give the agent the ability to make all financial decisions for the principal. The principal can also limit his agent’s power by identifying the types of financial decisions he will allow that person to make. For instance, the principal can limit his agent’s power to act only when he becomes incompetent, or he may give his agent the immediate authority to decide things on his behalf. Having the POA drafted by a professional law firm will not cost a lot. A power of attorney is almost always preferred over a conservator or guardian. It allows the principal to pick who will be his agent. Those who don’t have a power attorney and suffer from a debilitating disease will find their loved ones experiencing time-consuming and expensive court proceedings to handle their affairs.

Arash Hashemi wants to help his clients secure their loved ones’ future in case something happens to them. He can draft, interpret and implement powers of attorney for property and personal care. Attorney Hashemi can also provide advice about POAs, and help clients grant special powers of attorney to another person.

For more information, visit www.hashemilaw.com  or call 310 448 1529.

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