New AI-powered search engine brings on-demand ad-free solution based search results

Billion Dollar Bot is a state of the art AI-driven search engine which is empowering 1 billion people to solve problems with on-demand solution based ad-free search results.

June 27, 2018 – A new experimental search engine is all set to wage a revolution in the contemporary virtual space. Titled “Billion Dollar Bot”, the futuristic search engine is powered by state of the art IBM Watson AI platform  and capitalizes the advanced power of machine learning to generate most appropriate search results.

What separates Billion Dollar Bot from other search engines is its focus on on-demand solution based search results.

“When you make a search on popular search engines like Google say for ‘Exercise Equipments’- you mostly get a list of different exercise equipment products and their prices. But when you make the same search on our AI driven search engine, you will get a scholarly article or an academic report on ‘NASA Technology, Exercise Equipments For Astronauts To Build Muscle In Space’. Billion Dollar Bot is empowering 1 billion people to solve problems with on-demand solution based search results. With Billion Dollar Bot right before your fingertips, it’s time to take it easy on Google”, chuckled a leading spokesperson from Billion Dollar Bot team.

Part of the uniqueness of  Billion Dollar Bot lays in its ad-free approach. Unlike Google SERPs that usually bombard us with advertisements almost everywhere, there is no such issue with the latest Artificial Intelligence powered search engine.  

“We know ads are a nuisance when you are looking for some informative text on your search term online. Billion Dollar Bot comes to your rescue here. We promise you complete ad-free search results, irrespective of your search term.” 

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